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1) Xylyl bromide-Lachrymatory, toxic

2) Chlorine - Corrosive. Lung Irritant

3) Phosgene - Irritant - Skin and mucous membranes. Corrosive, toxic

4) Benzyl bromide - Lachrymatory (lacrimatory: relating to or prompting tears)

5) Chloromethyl chloroformate - Irritant - Eyes, skin, lungs

6) Trichloromethyl chloroformate- Severe irritant, causes burns

7) Chloropicrin - Irritant, lachrymatory, toxic

8) Stannic chloride -Severe irritant, causes burns

9) Ethyl iodoacetate-Lachrymatory, toxic

10) Bromoacetone-Lachrymatory, irritant

11) Monobromomethyl ethyl ketone- Lachrymatory, irritant

12) Acrolein-Lachrymatory, toxic

13) Hydrogen cyanide (Prussic acid)-Toxic, Chemical Asphyxiant (Asphyxiant-Gas or vapor that can cause unconsciousness or death by suffocation due to lack of oxygen.)

14) Hydrogen sulfide (Sulphuretted hydrogen)-Irritant, toxic

15) Diphenylchloroarsine-(Diphenyl chlorasine)-Irritant/Sternutatory (Sternutatory-causing or having the effect of sneezing)

16) A-Chlorotoluene (Benzyl chloride) - Irritant, lachrymatory

17) Mustard gas (Bis(2-chloroethyl) sulfide)-Vesicant (blistering agent), lung irritant

18) Bis(chloromethyl) ether (Dichloromethyl ether)-Irritant, can blur vision

19) Ethyldichloroarsine-Vesicant-a chemical agent that causes blistering

20) N-Ethylcarbazole- irritant

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Q: What gases were used in World War 1?
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How were poison gases used in world war 1?

they thourgh ot

What poisonous gasses were used in world war 1?

In WW1 were used gases with tearing agents in combination with the Mustard gases.

What poisenes gases were used in World War I?

The three main gases in world war 1 was Mustard gas Ketchup Gas and mayonaisse gas they were used for sandwiches and had nothing to do with ww1 and flying unicorns.

What three main chemical gases were used during world war 1?

Mustard, Chlorine, and Phosgene were the three main gases introduced by Germany in World War One.

Did poison gases prolong World War I?

because the ww1 is world war 1

What were two poisonous gases used during world war 1?

mustard gas and tear gas

What were the effects of nerve gas attacks in World War 1?

None, nerve gases weren't used in WW1.

What are modern weapons of World War 1?

tanks, and gases

Was the posions gases effective in world war 1?


What weapons were used on World War I?

The weapons that were used in World War 1 were rifles, machine guns, revolvers, rockets, zeppelins, tanks, planes, artillery, many kinds of warships, gases, and torpedoes.

Were cannons used in World War I?

Yes, they were used to shoot shells of chemical gases into other trenches but other weapons used during World War 1 included Military Airplanes, Machine Guns, Tanks, and submarines

What were some of the new technologies used during World War 1 explain the reason for them?

Notable ones were tanks and chemical warfare. 'Tanks' were named for that which they were disguised as - water tanks. Chemicals used in the First World War were gases that blinded, blistered, and killed (mustard and chlorine gases).

What gases were used in wourld war 1?

Mustard gas. carbondioxide

What 7 poison gases were used in World War 1?

Bromide Phosgene Chlorine Mustard Adamsite Lewisite Hydrogen cyanide see Wiki article ;"Poison Gases of WW1"

What was the effect of Germans using deadly gases in World War 1?

They died

What new inventions were there in World War 1?

The aircraft carrier was a new invention in World War I. The use of deadly gases was also a new invention in World War I.

What were some of the new weapons used in world war 1?

Tanks, u boats, airplanes, faster machine guns, toxis gases.

What poison gases were used in World World 1?

Three that were used are phosgene, chlorine, and mustard gas.

Was arsenic used in world war 1?

Arsenic Was one of the main constituents of one of the gases used in the First World War. Lewisite was the chemical in question. It caused large water blisters on the affected skin. It was also a lung irritant.

Who invented poison gases in world war 1?

The Germans, and the French used poison gas and other gases likePoison Gastear GasViolent fit of sneezingBut Poison Gas was mainly used in WWII.

What war was the flamethrower used in World War 1?

World War One.

Airplanes in World War 1?

300,020 airplanes where used in world war 1

Was dynamite used in war?

Yes it was used in World War 1 but it was stopped being used in World War 2

Why were gases used in World War 1?

Because everyone was constipated from eating potatos and bread. No butter (unless you wanted to spank your specter). gay.

What deadly gases were used during World War 1 and what were the effects of each one?

Beans for farts and cola for burps and could kill ye