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John Cena may have learnt or got ideas from such un-orthodox wrestlers such as Mick Foley etc. Although I believe he taught himself his own moves.

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Did John Cena come from Nexus?

Nexus is a wrestling stable not a place.

Did John Cena come to Portugal?

Yes, there are YouTube videos of John Cena performing with others in Portugal. He was in Portugal wrestling in June 2007.

How do you get John cena to come to Kansas?

how to get john cena to come to kansas

Will John Cena come to qatar?

yes he will come to qatar and also he will do wwe mania wrestling in qatar at 23 April 2011

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John Cena is in 2011

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John Cena is still in WWE.

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yes John Cena will come back John Cena will signed a full contrast to Friday Night Smackdown

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No John Cena is not fired forever he is going to come back after 6-8 years there are rumors that john cena will come back in wrestlemania

What made John Cena start wrestling?

He wanted to follow his dream come true and see how good. He was and want his mom and dad and wife to watch him

Does john Cena come from Albania?

John Cena has not claimed that any of his ancestors came from Albania.

John cena MySpace?

No, he does not have a Myspace. If you come across a John Cena Myspace page, It is fake.

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In 2002 Kurt Angle came out to the ring and made a challenge to anybody in the locker room that hasn't faced him before come out and go one on one in a match. So John Cena cam out and Kurt Angle said "What makes you thing you can face me" and John Cena said "Ruthless Aggression" so they had a match and john cena beat up kurt angle thruogh the whole match kurt angle some how pulled out the win so john cena started in 2002

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yeah if he wins the slammy awards wade barrett will have to reinstate john cena

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how do I get ahold of john cena manager for him to come to my son birthday party he is a speacil needs child

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call him

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west newbury, Massachusetts

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