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need to replace the wheel gear box on a 2002 ford excursio.

I'd use 10W40. It's like the universal one; use it always.

1979 ford transit bonnet and rear roof rain gutter

if you a putting in a bigger engine the you will need the gear box aswell

its a chain not a belt. You don't need to change unless they are rattling as far as I know

What type of battery do i need for a 2002 ford focus

take all the bolts out need to know how it works

need to know where transmission plug is for a 2002 ford explorer?

Need to know what part of the truck you are putting the gear oil into.

The Ford Mondeo ST220 could be jumping from 2nd gear due to a chipped gear or worn shifter fork. The transmission will probably need to be taken apart to be repaired.

Worn out gear. You need a mechanic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

do i need a visa to transit in london

The 2002 Ford Galaxy only requires one gearbox.

Need instructions please on replacing left side headlight assembly to 2002 Ford Mustang

Could be in need of a tune up.

what are the correct wires for installation of amplifier for a 2002 ford f250 with the stock sterio system

mk5.2000 wsl-m2c-192-a sae75w-140-ls gl5 2.6li

it means you're being watched and need to run away before you get killed!

It can be removed via the 16 pin diagnostic socket, but i think you would need Ford to do it Although if it is a PSV then Ford will likely refuse to do this as the restrictor is a legal requirement.

no do not need a transit visa to Germany

It means that the parking pawl gear is broken. This is not a do-it-yourself repair - need to find a reputable repair shop.

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