What gear did the civil war soldiers have?

A typical Union soldier would receive a uniform and cap, shoes or boots, a single shot rifle, powder and balls for 60 shots, a wool blanket, a large bandage, and a knapsack. Some regiments received much more from their hometown than the army provided. The rifle given most soldiers early in the war was a muzzle-loaded musket. Later, single-shot cartridge rifles were issued to some soldiers and a few received repeating rifles.

There was no typical gear for Confederate soldiers. Some regiments got uniforms; many did not. Some got boots, while others did not. Some received blankets or tents, while others got nothing. Many soldiers depended on people from home to send them supplies like gloves, boots, socks, bandages. Most rifles were muzzle-loaders all the way through the war. Rifles were usually issued to the men but sometimes they had to provide their own.