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What general lost a battle in Egypt?

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What british general lost a battle at Khartoum?

General Gordon - he also lost his head :)

After Pompey lost the Battle of Pharsalus where did he go?

Egypt, where he was killed

Who lost the Battle of Cold Harbor?

General Grant lost the Battle of Cold Harbor in June of 1864.

What general lost the battle at Bunker Hill?

General Israel Putnam.

Who lost the battle of big horn?

General Geogre Custer's side lost the battle. Custer was also killed during the battle.

Who lost the Battle of Second Bull Run?

General Pope, commanding the Union Army of the Potomac, lost the battle.

What general lost at the battle of saratoga?

John Burgoyne

US general who lost battle of Chattanooga?


What general lost in the Battle of Chancellorsville?

Joe Hooker

Who was the general who lost at the Battle of Fredericksburg?

It was General Ambrose Everett Burnside (Union Army).

Union general who lost the battle of seven pines?

General George B. McClellan

Significance of the second battle of el alamein?

The loss of this battle made it obvious to Germany that they had lost Egypt and Libya.

What US General lost his life at the US Civil War Battle of Peachtree Creek?

In the Battle of Peachtree Creek, Union General James B. McPherson lost his life. General Sherman replaced the fallen general with the one armed Union General O.O. Howard. A veteran of Gettysburg, where he lost his arm.

Was general Burgoyne in the battle of Saratoga?

Yes. He also lost.

What general lost the battle of little big horn?

George Custer

Who lost Battle of Bunker Hill?

General Israel Putnam The Americans

Who lost his nerve and the battle at chancellorsville?

General Joseph Hooker (Union)

How many confederates lost their lives during the battle of Gettysburg?

General Lee lost 28,000 men

What did the confederacy lose at the battle at Chancellorsville?

Confederacy lost General Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson at the battle of Chancellorsville.

What happened in the first battle of el alamein?

Basically the First Battle of El Alamien was when the Germans were driving the british out of libyia and into Egypt, the british lost the battle.

Who lost the queenston heights battle?

The American forces lost the Battle of Queenston Heights. General (Sir) Isaac Brock's British forces won the day.

Who lost the Battle of Little Big Horn?

General George Armstrong Custer

Who was the british commander that lost the battle of saratoga in 1777?

General John Burgoyne

Why was the battle of chancellorsville important?

it was a confederte victory even though they lost general stonewall jackoson

Who was the confederate general who never lost a Battle and started the KKK after the war?

Bedford Forrest