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Roald Dahl was known for writing iconic Children's Books. His most famous works were Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and James and the Giant Peach.

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What is the genre of the book Matilda by Roald Dahl?


What is the genre of the book The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl?


Genre of book Matilda by roald dahl?

It is a romantic comedy

How long did it take Roald Dahl to write a book?

It took him about a year to write a book

Where did roald dahl write his first book?

In his garden shed

How old was roald dahl when he write his first book?

He was 16

Did Roald Dahl try to write a book when he died?

Er... No!

Did Roald Dahl write a book of Snow White?


Did Roald Dahl write his first book with Walt Disney?


What book did Roald Dahl write in 1985?

The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me.

How books did Roald Dahl write in all?

67 book write in all

Did Roald Dahl write the book esio trot?

No, he never wrote that book

How long did Roald Dahl take to write a book?

1 year

What book did roald dahl write first?

charlie and the cholacate factory

What book did roald dahl write last?

The last book Raold Dahl wrote was 'Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator'.

Where can you get Roald Dahl books?

You can get roald dahl books in many book shops. There are also roald dahl books at a library.

Did Roald dahl write the story 'the hitchhiker'?

No he never wrote that book

What book did Roald Dahl write to make him rich?

Chariie and the chocolate factory

Which book did roald dahl write first?

His first book was called The Gremlins published in 1943.

What is an interesting book by Roald Dahl?

James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl

How old was Roald Dahl when he did his first book?

Roald Dahl was 27 yrs.old when he wrote his first book.

Why should you read a Roald Dahl book?

You should read a Roald Dahl book because books created by Roald Dahl are creative, imaginitive,and sometimes funny.

When did Roald Dahl write his last book?

The last book Roals Dahl wrote was "Memories with Food at Gipsy House." It was published after his death in 1991.

How did Roald Dahl become famous?

Roald Dahl wrote a book and showed it to his friends and family and they liked it so Roald Dahl decided to be a writer

Who wrote the bfg?

The BFG is a children's book written by Roald Dahl.