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the himmalayas and the gobi desert and the seas around it.......they are the yelow sea , the Pacific Ocean , and the marriana trench

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Why were the geographic features important in early history in china?

because it helped them live

Why do the think the Huang He and Chang Jiang geographic features were important in the early history of China?

They stand as large bodies of water in China

Why was early china so isolated from other early civilizations?

mountains and oceans

How was China isolated from other early civilizations and what did they develop?

Because of its geography

What geographic features aided the development of civilization in early China?

Becuase of China's high mountain ranges, forbidding deserts and turbulent sea's, China was able to be protected by anyone who tried to invade China. Although this was useful, it was very hard to import and export.

Which geographic factor directly influenced the early interactions between China and Korea?

Their Location

What were some geographic features that were challenging for the early Egyptians living in Egypt?

It had a hot,dry climate

How china geography kept its early settlements isolated?

Because the other nations did not nothing about China so the Georgraphy help China to cover the m selves:-)

Which geographic factor had the greatest influence on the early history of south Asia and china?

river valleys.

What kept early settlements in Inner China isolated?

The Pacific ocean, the gobi and taklimakan deserts, Tíbet plateau, and rainforests?

How did rivers and landforms affect the life of early Asians?

The Himalayan mountains kept china and other asian countries isolated from the western world.

Which geographical features did the Andean civilizations did not have in common with early Mesopotamia Egypt India and china?

plains, fertile land, etc.

How did greece's geographic features affect the development of early greek city-state?

by body of water and those high mountains that develop small city sate

How did China's geography affect its early history?

most people lived in inner china because it had better living conditions. the harsh deserts and mountains kept them isolated from the rest of the world

What other geographic features or natural resources would have been important to an early people who made their living as sea trader?

irrigation for plants and crops, water for animals, transporting goods

What are the inventions of early china-?

The inventions of early China included paper, gunpowder, and toothbrushes.

Which was the first compound to be isolated from the plant?

In early 19th century someone isolated MORPHINE, ALKALOID OPIUM (POPPY). morphine is used as analgesic.

How did the early Chinese use the ink in china?

Ink in early china was used for sending messages to the Gods

What other geographic features or natural resources would have been important to an early people who made their living as sea traders?

fertile land for farming, not many mountains for easy transport and other stuff like that

What hardship did early Tennessee settlers have?

isolated communities and lack of access to goods

What are the safey features of a early plane?

If you mean early as in WWII then there were none.

What are the inventions of early china?

Some inventions of early China were the compass, row planting, the seed drill, and iron plows.

Where was early China located?

Mostly where modern China is located today.

Which of these early Chinese dynasties controlled the largest geographic area?

Answer this question… Han

Why did the us move away from its policy of being isolated in the early 20th century?