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Q: What gives the SPCA power over people?
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Who gives the government power over the people?

The people. Government is made by the people for the people.

How many people can volunteer at the SPCA each year?

over 200 people voluteer in one year

When was the CNY SPCA formed?

The first American SPCA was started in New York City in 1866. There are now SPCA's all over the U.S and all over the world.

Why do people love power?

because it gives them the control they want over whatever their power allows them. some people love power because they just want to be in control maybe because they don't want anyone else to have control or the final say over them.

Why do men believes that God exist?

It gives people a sense of security. That a superior power is watching over them.

Why do people worship lord Shiva?

people worship lord Shiva to get his blessing. He gives you a better understanding of your strengths and help to overcome your weaknesses and gives you the power to be able to win over those negative moments that are making you helpless.

Is racism a power?

In the sense that it gives some people power over others, then Yes.

How many calls does the Scottish spca get a year?

In 2010 the Scottish SPCA received over 180,000 calls. The charity's animal helpline is 03000 999 999.

How many animals come into the SPCA?

over 1,000...a lot more...

Why did King Henry II want power over the Church?

Henry II wanted power over the Church because if he gained more power over the Church, then he gained more power over the people. He wanted power over the people so the people would listen to him and then he could change the country however he wanted.

Is religion a form of control?

yes it is Many have used religion as a way to gain and keep power and control over people. However, to most people, religion is an important part of their spiritual lives that gives them moral direction and hope.

Why would disease or famine threaten the pharaoh's authority over the people?

Because without the people he rules over he has no power. A leader needs people so he can get power and rule over them.

Who has the power over education?

There are many people who have power over education. Every student and teacher has power over their own education for example.

Why do people divide places into political regions?

It gives some of them an exuse to start hostilitys with other so called pollitical regions in the search for unearned power over the lives of others.

Why do people divide places into political region?

It gives some of them an exuse to start hostilitys with other so called pollitical regions in the search for unearned power over the lives of others.

DID women love sucking?

Yes, very much. It gives them power over the man.

What is the name of the system that gives each branch of government power over the other branches?

checks and balances ; )

Whom do the popes have power over?

No one. The Pope is the Vicar of Christ, and the servant of the servants of God. He is only God's Vicar. God has power over people, the Pope is just His Vicar. He, himself, has no "power" over people.

How much power did it have over the people living in the middle colonies?

Sex had a lot of power over the people living in the middle colonies of Pandora, compadre...

Who are the people that have control over your will power?

Are you asking about hypnotists? No one really has control over your will power. The only thing that has control over your will power is your will power. Think about it and it will make sense.

Article 1 of the constitution gives the Vice President the authority to do what?

Article One of the Constitution gives the Vice President power to preside over the Senate.

Why did electrical generation switch over from DC power to AC power?

It was near the beginning, around 1880, when it was found that AC power gives more flexibility in the supply and allows power to be transformed up and down in voltage for transmission over large distances.

What is the system called that gives each branch power over the other branches?

Checks and Balances

The tenth amendment gives the national government expresses power over the state government?


Why does radical feminism face resistance in Zimbabwe?

it gives ma more power over women