Yalta Conference

What goal did the allies set for eastern Europe at the yalta conference?


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free elections in eastern europe.


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The Yalta Conference determined the partition of Europe at the end of World War II. Russia received eastern Europe and the Allies got the western part.

he refused to allow free elections in eastern Europe

it gave eastern Europe to the USSR along with Korea above the 38 th parrell

"He agreed at the Potsdam Conference. " ** Actually this is incorrect. Stalin agreed to hold free elections at the Yalta Conference.

Germany, Eastern Europe, and Asia agreed that Poland, Bulgaria, and Romania would hold free elections.

churchill wanted free elections and democratic governments in eastern and central Europe especially in Poland

Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin met at Yalta to confirm a postwar conference on what would happen to Europe after the war of WWII

The establishment of a United Nations organization after the war

Germany was split into four occupation zones. Western Europe was under British and American influence. Eastern Europe came under Soviet influence.

It was a WWII meeting between the allies to plan the occupation of postwar Germany.

Military might. With the power gap left by the defeated Germans, the USSR was able to usurp their position as controller of Eastern Europe by sheer right of conquest. At the Yalta conference and other meetings during WW2, the Allies had given Stalin assurances in terms of territorial influence as well.

The Big Three at the Yalta Conference included Joseph Stalin, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill to discuss postwar reorganization in Europe.

The Yalta Conference, also known as the Crimea Conference was established in 1945.

steps the allies took toward planning for the post-war era.

Poland was the center of attraction at Yalta because it was the largest country in Eastern Europe.

yalta conference was held on September 2, 1945

The Yalta Conference was a conference between the Allies near the end of WWII that debated on the outcome of postwar Europe. The main topic was how to deal with Nazi Germany. The US proposed a plan to split Germany into six separate countries and to have an Allied occupation of Austria. This, obviously, did not come true though. The US also wanted Germany to became a democratic nation.

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