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they don't believe in a certain god they believe that there is a "tao", or "dao." The tao is there divine being that created the earth, stars, skies, water, etc. their goal in life is to transform their life from disharmony to harmony and reunite with the tao. They have certain rules that they live by includes six characteristics.


I would disagree with the above. The Tao is not a being. Nor is it a thing that creates things by itself. The existence of the Tao implies the Te.

The Tao Te Ching has references to a god or gods. For example, the last sentence in chapter 4 is translated as "I do not know whose offspring it is; it seems to have been before God." Chinese is a more ambiguous language than English, and the last word could have been meant to be "gods." Many translations make it "the Lord," or "the Sovereign" Bear in mind also that the final clause refers to appearance, not order of creation. Nevertheless, the Tao Te Ching and most other Taoist classics really do not address the nature, or even the name, of the divinity. Nor to they say anything about worship. So Taoism is much more a philosophy than a religion.

In practice, Taoists have religions as they choose, appending Taoist philosophy to the teachings of different religions. A person could easily be both Buddhist and Taoist or Shintoist and Taoist. Many Taoists in China practise pre-Taoist folk religion that includes ancestor worship, a form of polytheism, and/or animism, and there is a lot of variation in this. There are a number of people among my acquaintance who are both Taoist and Christian.

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Q: What gods do Taoists believe in?
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Who are the gods of daoism?

Taoists have no gods.

What do Taoists believe?

Do not worry about worldly matters. Instead, meditate on nature. And Taoist believe in all Buddhism Gods but Buddhism do not believe in all Taoism Gods. People believe Taoism is a part of Buddhism.

What do Taoists sacrifice to their gods?

Taoists generally leave small offerings of fruit or vegetable in front of statues of the gods or the Immortals.

According to zhuangzi what do taoists believe?

Do not worry about worldly matters. Instead, meditate on nature. And Taoist believe in all Buddhism Gods but Buddhism do not believe in all Taoism Gods. People believe Taoism is a part of Buddhism--- nova net

According to the Zhuangzi what do Taoists believe?

Taoists believe "Do not worry about worldly matters. Instead, meditate on nature."

What is the name of The God of the Taoist?

Taoists don't believe in any gods. They believe in peace and calmness through the body. They don't often pray but when they do, it's often for someone to talk to. Taoists believe in kung fu and all of that stuff but don't have any gods to worship. So if you find a name for a god of the Taoist it's happy for you but i don't think there is a Taoist god. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Taoists believe in numerous deities, headed by the Jade Emperor & his Bride the Empress of the West. Above the Jade Emperor are the 3 Pure Ones.

What do Taoists believe about violence?


Do Taoists believe there is evil in the world?

Taoists do not believe that there is evil in the world. They believe that evil is an excuse that humans create for the psychological experiences designed for the human life.

What do taoists believe about Jesus Christ?

AnswerTaoism is an inclusive religion in that it does not reject the gods of other religions. While Taoists worship their own gods, they would not claim that the gods of other religions, such as Christianity, do not exist. Individual beliefs vary even more widely than do those of Christians, but I have put that question to a Taoist priest. Jesus, as a God of Christianity, would be accepted as probably real, but not relevant to followers of Taoism.

What are the gods that the Hindu people believe in?

Some believe in certain gods, some believe in other gods, some believe in no gods, some believe in all the gods.

According to Taoists how should rulers behave?

Taoists didn't believe n rulers at all. They thought government was unnatural and disrupted the balance of the yin yang.

Are there any famous Taoists?

All of the jedi that believe in the force in star wars.

What gods do the Hindu 's people believe in?

Some believe in certain gods, some believe in other gods, some believe in all the gods, some believe in no gods.

How many times a week do taoists pray?

Since most Taoists do not believe in a God, it is difficult to say that they "pray." More accurately, Taoists meditate; most Taoists perform some sort of meditation daily, although there is no rule about this. They also read sacred texts from their religion and think about the meanings those texts contain.

What does Taoists believe?

in self improvement and they celebrate a mans inner dependency and association with nature

What happens to Taoisms after life?

In a sense Taoism is not so much a religion as a philosophy that is usually imposed on other religions. Taoists have a rather unspecific idea of divinity and afterlife. Most Taoists are Buddhists, who believe in reincarnation. Many Taoists are adherents of Chinese Folk Religions who seem to share a believe in afterlife centering around spirits of the dead who are the ancestors one should worship. Other Taoists are members of other religions with other beliefs.

Do Jews believe in 2 gods?

they do not believe in 2 gods

Does taoism have a god?

No, Taoism does not have a god. Taoists believe in Tao, but it is not a god, but a force. They believe that Tao is all around and that it is everything natural in the Universe.

What did Greeks believe their gods were?


What is one country that is dominant with taoists?

Countries in central Asia are dominant with Taoists. China is a country that is dominant with Taoists, Buddhists, and Confucianism.

Are Greek gods true?

are Greek gods real? who knows. If you believe in them, yes, they are as real as you or me. If you believe their stories are false, the Greek gods are as real as you believe them to be

What Percentage of people are taoists in china?

33% of Chinese people are taoists

What did the Mayans believe?

they believe in the gods

Are there people who still believe in the Greek gods?

Yes. Many people believe in Greek Gods/Goddesses. I believe in them.

Is taoism one of biggest religions today?

No, it is not. Adherents number about 50 million, which is not many as religions go. There are actually a lot more people influenced by Taoism, and even who believe in it. But it is compatible with other belief systems to the extent that many people who believe have other religions. There are many Buddhists who are also Taoists, but call themselves Buddhists and not Taoists when asked. The same is true for Shintoists. There are even many Christians who are also Taoists.