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What golf course did Henry cotton win the national open chapionship in Hungary?

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It looks and feels like cotton of course!

Some jackets, jeans, and of course cotton balls!

Yes. Hungary has the same four seasons as other temperate countries.

of course... Hungary is in middle-Europe

Yes, of course it exists.

The currency in Hungary is called the forint. It is approximately 200 forints to $1 but of course it fluctuates.

Augusta National Golf Course, is a golf course in Augusta, Georgia. It is world famous, because that is where The Masters is played.

To much is wrong of course... The average price of a cotton shirt is TOO much. Tsss

In Rome, of course! In Rome, of course!

Cotton is strong and can also be light and soft. Cotton is washable, you can wash it and it would still be in the same condition as it was in before it was washed exept of course, it would be cleaner.

Brick is of course more denser.

Of course stains easily removes from it.

yes ,of course yes ,of course

before the cotton gin, peices of plant in the cotton were picked out by slaves, which of course was much slower. The cotton gin made the process of making cotton plants into usuable fabric was made much much easier. So people began growing more and more cotton.

Although there are currently no women members of Augusta National, women can play at the Augusta National Golf Course as a guest of a member.

of course is cotton candy .it is just plain sugar

very few things. the only things that i could find was indgo, peanuts, and, of course, cotton.

Yes, Augusta National is the only course The Masters has ever been played on.

What kind of question is that? Of course US is better off. But Food in Hungary is better if that's any interest to you.

Cotton candy is made of pure sugar, so of course it is dangerous. If you are sick, cotton cande will make you worse. DO NOT feed t much cotton candy to someone with diabetes. It will make their blood sugar way too high

It depends on the shirt. Cotton shirts are of course made from cotton fibers, synthetic shirts can be made from other things such as polyester and silk.

of has Great Smoky Mountains National Park

No, Hungarian is the only official spoken language. There are German speakers living in Hungary, of course. According to the Hungarian Central Statistics Office, 62,105 people in Hungary classified their ethnicity as German in 2001.

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