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What good are flies?

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All insects are an integral part of our ecosystems. As part of food chains, insects provide sustenance (dinner) for countless other animals. For instance, just one crow can eat as many as 16 bushels of insects in one year. So--all insects are beneficial and necessary. It's just that with some insects--like flies--it's harder to remember that they are a necessary part of the world around us.

They do have their beneficial side. They help control other insect pests. They act as scavengers and recylers when they feed on decaying waste such as dung and dead animals. Of course, they serve as food themselves for other insects and many birds. Flies are also great pollinators. Only bees and some wasps pollinate more plants and flowers than flies.

Flies are a favorite snack for many Spiders. So if you don't like flies in your house, encourage spiders to move in.

if flies become instinct who knows what could happen. we could all die or our ecosystem can become very messed up.

2010-11-08 06:16:59
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