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Gary Paulsen

What got Gary paulsen into writing books?

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he started writing books because a librarian got him to start reading a book, and he wanted to make one his own

Gary Paulsen got his dog by either finding them or purchasing them from the previous owner

Yes, Gary got married in 1971.

He wrote it because he loves to write books, he is very smart, and he just got an image in his mind.

Gary chose to become a write because he had nothing else better to do and he got the encouragement from the libraian.:) !<3

He got the idea from a dark, horrible, and twisted part of his childhood.

Gary paulsen does a pen name its run away he got the name when he was Young. and ran away when he was 14 teen

I really don't know the excact age of paulsen but when he was a kid his mom and dad would drink alot and at the age of 14 he ran away from home. When Gary ran away he followed a circus. He got a library card and he started reading although he wasn't very good in school. He worked on a farm, was an engineer, contruction worker, ranch hand, truck driver, sailor, and after being the Alaskan dog sled race two times he began to write books.

well he finished the race but he did not win first place and i am not sure what place he got when he finished

a librarian got him to start reading and i think this was a main cause he also bases a lot of his books off of his life experiences the movie snow dogs was also based off of winter dance and night john became a hit TV show hope this helps Well Gary has about 180 books in print and his books are mostly based of true event and historical events to. This will help to.

Gary Paulsen was steered towards reading when he was young by a local librarian. In a recent interview, Gary says that this librarian pretty much saved his life. He's been hooked ever since. When Gary was young, he didn't have parents that were a guiding light. He got into some trouble here and there. Books helped keep him off the streets. It is my observation that Gary writes for the young person. Maybe he feels like targeting the youth with tales of young people overcoming obstacles will help change their lives as his was changed by finding the library.

He got famous by writing books for kids

In her autobiography, she says she started of writing in her diary! That's how she got into writing!!! Just BELIEVE in yourself and you can do ANYTHING!!

He got the Sequoya award and the Newbery honor award for three books.

Charles always wanted to be a writer so he read books and he got in s hsbbit of writing books

Alice got famous by writing short books and poems

The most important food source for Brian in the book Hatchet was berries. He got berries from the bush up the hill.

Carl Hiaasen got his ideas from magazines, books, newspaper, and by ideas he got from his head.

She always liked writing, and then got an idea for Harry Potter in a coffee shop and started writing on a napkin.

By using her mind and talents, she probably just had a gift of writing books and just got addicted to writing. But everybody can do this if you just dig into your imagination. Hope this helps :).

Dr Seuss was an American writer and got many awards for their books. They got Academy Award for Documentary Feature in 1947. Later they got many awards for their writing.

She got famous by writing 14 books while she couldn't hear or see.

no she didnt she retired and was writing books and got old and had arthritis and died

In his autobiography Boy, Roald Dahl says that he believes that he got his ideas for books from his childhood. Of course, a lot more thought goes into writing a book, but this is how he started - getting ideas from his past.

When Ellen Raskin was a child she got inspired by many books about monsters, fairies, and ghosts. Which inspired her to write amazing books.

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