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The Massachusetts Colonial Legislature, because, as a Virginian, Jefferson could not serve in a Massachusetts state government office. C and D are Virginian State government and the Continental Congress is a national entity, all of which Jefferson could and did serve in.

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Q: What governing bodies was Thomas Jefferson not a member of?
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What bodies was Thomas Jefferson a member of?

Thomas Jefferson was a member of many different governmental bodies. They included the Continental Congress, the Virginia House of Burgesses, and the Virginia Committee of Correspondence.

What bodies was Thomas Jefferson a part of?

Jefferson was a member of The Contenintal Congress, The Virgina House of Burgesses, and Virginia's Committee of Correspondence.

What religion did Thomas Jefferson consider himself?

Thomas Jefferson was a member of the Episcopalian church.

Was Thomas Jefferson a member of the freemasons?

He certainly was not.

He was a member of the federalist political party?

Thomas Jefferson

Was Thomas jefferrson a Democrat?

Thomas Jefferson was a member of the Democratic-Republican Party. It was a sect of the Republican Party started by Jefferson.

What was Thomas Jefferson occupation before president?

Army member

Who was a member of the Democratic-Ropublican party?

Thomas Jefferson

What cabinet member was stabed when Lincoln was killed?

It was thomas Jefferson

What body was Thomas Jefferson a member of?

Masonsthe house of Burgesses

Why did Thomas Jefferson sign the Declaration of Indepedence?

He was a member of the Congress that passed it.

Which committee member was the main author of the declaration of independence?

Thomas Jefferson

Which cabinet member believed in a loose interpretation of the Constitution?

Thomas Jefferson

The member of congress who led the opposition against Hamilton's plan?

Thomas Jefferson

Was Thomas Jefferson a member of the Federalist political party?

No, he was a Democratic Republican or simply Republican.

Why was Thomas Jefferson going to be arrested?

For not attending meetings of the Virginia House of Delegates when he was a member.

Did Thomas Jefferson ever serve in the Military?

Thomas Jefferson did not serve in the military. Before beginning his political career, Jefferson worked as a lawyer. During the Revolutionary War, he served as a member of the Virginia legislature and as the governor of Virginia.

Who was not a member of George Washingtons first cabinet Was it Edmund Randolph Thomas Jefferson Henry Knox Alexander Hamilton or William Simmons?

The members were Jefferson, Randolph, Hamilton, and Knox. Simmons was not a member.

Was Thomas Jefferson a member of The Virginia House of Burgesses?

yes for six years from age 26-32

Did Thomas Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution during his presidency?

Thomas Jefferson was president from 1801 to 1809. He wrote the Declaration of Independence while he was a member of Viginia's delegation to Congress 1775-1776. Because he was in Europe, Jefferson took no part in writting the US Constitution.

In what colony was the declaration of independence written?

Pennsylvania. Thomas Jefferson, the author, was a member of the Continental Congress which was meeting in Philadelphia at the time.

Was John Adams a member of the same political party as Thomas Jefferson?

No. Adams and Jefferson did not share political views. They ran against each other and were supported by different groups of people.

What role did Thomas Jefferson play in the American revolution?

Jefferson played an active role in starting the Revolution, serving as a member of the Continental Congress that declared independence. He wrote and sighed the Declaration of Independence.

What would Thomas Jefferson think about a clergyman running for political office?

Although Thomas Jefferson advocated "Separation of Church and State", he would not have anything to say against a clergymen running for political office. Being a member of the clergy is not a disqualifying factor for running for office.

Was Thomas Jefferson ambassador to France?

Other Government Positions of Thomas Jefferson include:Member of Virginia House of Burgesses, 1769-74Member of Continental Congress, 1775-76Governor of Virginia, 1779-81Member of Continental Congress, 1783-85Minister to France, 1785-89Secretary of State, 1790-93 (under WashingtonVice President, 1797-1801 (under Adams)