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None. There are types of wild lettuce than contain (very) small amounts of opiates.

Lactuca virosa is the name of the substance. I've looked at many different medical journals as well as some of the wall publishings. So far, none has listed THC in any green leafy vegetables.

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Many plants include THC, including poppy seeds and most leafy green vegetables. It is the naturally occurring chemical found to be so pleasant in peyote also.

Cesamet contains a synthetic version of THC.

No, the only foods/drinks that contain THC are the ones prepared with cannabis or synthetic THC.

Stems do contain a little bit of THC, it is the bud that contains the most.

all grass has thc in it stay green <3

The steam of the marijuana contains the most THC and if you chew on it; it can possibly get you higher before smoking

Hashish is concentrated THC. It is made from marijuana (from marijuana resin).

The Cannabis plants and technically the pharmacutical Marinol.

Spice contains cannabicyclohexanol, which is "synthetic" thc, whereas weed has THC (tetrahydrocannibinol) and cannabinoid

marijuana contains a substance known as THC and it's the one responsible of getting you high

Thc is the only thing found in marijuana. Thc is what causes the high. Marijuana can be laced with other drugs, but the plant itself contains thc only.

Marijuana is a plant that contains several metabolites. Two of these a widely recognized in getting high, 9 delta THC, and CBD. 9 delta THC is referred to as "THC" (as opposed to 8-delta THC).

No, contains OXYCODONE as the only active drug.

If the bag is empty, it is no longer a bag of marijuana, but an empty bag. It contains nothing, THC included.

No, pure pantoprazole contains only pantoprazole.

if it contains the chemical THC and gets you high, yes.

Yes, You can get THC in your system from marijuana residue. However, marijuana residue, or as most incorrectly call it, resin, contains very LITTLE THC and a LOT of useless and harmful material

I dont think it contains any. THC can be filtered out by heat so i would assume if it was steam distilled all the THC would be gone already.

No. There is none. Marijuana contains things called cannabinoids. The most common, THC is more enjoyable and less harmful then nicotine. Also, THC is nonaddictive.

As far as im aware no chocolate contains THC but if u find some that does let me know its got to be cheaper than cannibus lol

No. It only contains "bupropion" as a salt.

The Cannibus Plant and technically the pharmacutical Marinol. That's all though!

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