What group formed in Boston to lead oppsition to the act?

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In Boston
The angry colonist was the group formed in Boston to lead opposite to the act
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What was the Boston Tea Act?

The Boston tea act was an act that people did because they got mad. They got on a ship and threw boxes and boxes of tea into the lake the boat was in.

What events lead to the quartering act?

POOP ON A SHOE *Whoever wrote the above answers must have been crazy* Some of the events that led to the quartering act were the French and Indian War and the British Impose to the new taxes. See here for more info: http://www.historycentral.com/Revolt/causes.html

Who was in the Boston stamp act?

The stamp act put a new tax on several items. I don't know why it would be called the Boston stamp act and I don't think it mentions any names... so the answer is nobody.

How did the Stamp Act lead to war?

Because after the french and Indian war the british had spent a lot of money for supplies for the war like guns, or other, so England was in debt and they decided to pay it back by taxing the colonists. The stamp act taxes things that were stamped, the colonists didn't like it so it got them angry. ( Full Answer )

What lead up to the Boston massacre?

The colonists were angry and resentful over the Townshend Acts andthe Stamp Act imposed upon them by the British Parliament. Theyreferred to them as the Intolerable Acts. On March 5, 1770, a groupof colonists were taunting some of the British soldiers stationedin Boston. After being threatened verba ( Full Answer )

How does lead form?

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How did the Quartering Act lead to the Boston Massacre?

the quartering act was a law that said colonists had to give food, beds, and a home for the soldiers stationed there. the colonists thought that was unfair and when they saw them they were reminded that Britain was trying to bully them.

Was the stamp act in Boston?

The Stamp Act (1765) affected all of the American colonies by taxing paper goods, which had to have a revenue stamp affixed. This wa a direct tax that the colonists protested as being enacted without their representation or benefit.

What was the lead-lease act?

The lead-lease act was implemented in 1941 as a way to help duringWorld War 2. The act allowed the United States to lend aid to theallies.

Boston port act?

In an attempted to regain control over Massachusetts, Parliamentpassed the Boston Port Act. This was in response to the Boston TeaParty. The city of Boston was ordered through the Boston Port Actto pay for the cost of the tea and damages that was encountered.

What is the Boston port act?

by Boston tea party, parliament closed the harbor in Boston, to all ships no matter what business the ship had.

What act closed Boston harbor?

The act that closed the Boston Harbor was the Boston Tea Party.This act was a revolt by the Americans against the British fortaxes in 1773.

How did the sugar act lead to the revolution?

The colonists were infuriated that they were being taxed without representation in the government. The sugar act, however, is only one of the causes.

How did The Intolerable Acts punish Boston?

the intolerable acts punished boston because they knew colonist were not going to pay for the damages that they caused during the boston tea party so to punish them the parliament decided to put taxes on everything and as part of the quatering act to let british live in vacant houses of the colonist ( Full Answer )

What is the Events leading to the pendleton act?

Drafted during the Chester A. Arthur administration, the Pendleton Act served as a response to President James Garfield's assassination by Charles Julius Guiteau.

How does the Boston tea party leads to intolerable act?

The boston tea party led to the intolerable act because thecolonist when on the britist boat that had tea and the colonistthrow the tea off board. the britist couldn't do anything thegoverment was the only one who could stop the colonist. later whenthe goverment found out they had to punish them so ( Full Answer )

What did the quartering act lead to?

It forced the local governments of the American colonies to providethe British soldiers with any needed accommodations or housing. Italso required colonists to provide food for any British soldiers inthe area. It was stated in the Declaration of Independence as one of thejustifications for declarin ( Full Answer )

What lead to the Boston Tea Party?

The final act that lead to the Tea Party was the imposition of a TAX on British Tea that was sent to America. This was "Last Straw" so to speak for the Colonists'.

How lead the Boston tea party?

Paul Revere and Samuel Adams lead the Boston tea party. They also were dressed up like mohawk Indians.

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How did the townshend act lead to war?

The Townshend Acts applied duties (taxes) to paper, paint, lead, glass, and tea imported by the colonies. Townshend had studied the colonist's distinction between internal and external taxes and he believed his duties were external as none of the products, except tea, could be made in the colonies. ( Full Answer )

What is the significance of the Boston port act?

In a breif explanation, the Boston Port Act punished all of Boston for the Boston Tea Party, thus it forced Boston to seek aid from the other colonies. Because of this is helped strengthen colonial unity and was another factor in sparking the upcoming revolution.

Did the Boston Tea Party Lead to the Boston Massacre?

No, the two are not related to each other. Infact, the Boston Tea Party occurred after the Boston Massacre. The Boston Massacre (1770) was an instance of manslaughter. A mob of Bostinians were provoking the British army that was stationed there. They started throwing rocks, mud and etc. The British ( Full Answer )

What events lead up to the Boston Massarce?

There were several events that led up to the Boston Massacre, however, where the true tension began is anonymous. The whole dispute between Americans and Great Britain began when British Parliament began to tax things. For example, the Sugar Act placed a tax on molasses, but this was not taken extre ( Full Answer )

How did the coercive acts hurt Boston?

The Coercive Acts stated that Boston Harbor would be closed until all the tea dumped during the Boston Tea Party were fully paid for by the colonists; therefore, it deprived Boston of its water trade.

Who has the leading role in Acts of the Apostles?

A: Who was intended to be the main character in Acts of the Apostles comes down to what the author's intention was in writing the book. In support of Acts as a book of history, Sir William Ramsay stated " Luke is a historian of the first rank; not merely are his statements of fact trustworthy.. ( Full Answer )

What caused the Boston Tea Act?

The Tea Act, passed by Parliament on May 10, 1773, would launch the final spark to the revolutionary movement in Boston. The act was not intended to raise revenue in the American colonies, and in fact imposed no new taxes. It was designed to prop up the East India Company which was floundering finan ( Full Answer )

What was the purpose of the Boston Port Act?

The Boston Port Act or Trade Act (one of the Intolerable Acts of 1774) was designed to punish the Massachusetts colony for its protests of British taxes, most notably with the Boston Tea Party of 1773. The act closed the port of Boston through a blockade by the Royal Navy. This was an attempt to ( Full Answer )

What did the Kansas Nebraska act lead to and why?

This arrangement for new states to vote on the slavery issue encouraged terrorists from both sides (including John Brown) to cross into the state, terrorise voters and cause chaos by declaring every result to be rigged. It was like a miniature version of the upcoming Civil War, and it foreshadowed ( Full Answer )

What effect did the Tea Act have on Boston?

England got very mad so they made the Intolerable Acts which shut down all the sea ports in Boston and England sent more troops into Boston.

Why was the Boston Port Act made?

WHEREAS dangerous commotions and insurrections have been fomented and raised in the town of Boston, in the province of Massachusetts Bay, in New England, by divers affected persons, to the subversion of his Majesty's government, and to the utter destruction of the public peace, and good order ( Full Answer )

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