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What country did King Sargon rule over?

King Sargon ruled over the world's first Empire: Akkadia. The Akkadian language would serve as a lingua franca in the Middle East for nearly one-and-half millenia afterwards.

Who was the first king to impose widespread imperialism over all of mesopotamia?

sargon of akkadia

Who was the first king to impose widespread imperialism over all of mesopatamia?

Sargon of Akkadia

How did Hammurabi conquered Mesopotamia?

He was a king, when Sargon died, Hammurabi had the power to take over Mesopotamia because he was a ruler, a king

What was Sargon of Akkad mainly known for in Akkad?

Sargon of Akkad was the King of Akkad and the first person to rule over multiple city-states simultaneously, i.e. the first empire.

Who created the first empire in Mesopotamia?

Sargon of Akkad was the first person to unite and reign over Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia was the first empire in the world.The ruler of the first empire was King Sargon of Akkad.he created the Akkadian empireSargon, leader of the Akkadian Empire, was the first person to establish the first empire.

Why was Sargon of Akkad's empire important?

His duties to stay, and protect his people for he has ruling over their kingdom and village's.

How did cuneiform help sargon create and rule an empire in mesopotamia?

Sargon could send instructions and govern over great distances.

How did Sargon maintain control over his empire?

All of the above

How did cuneiform help Sargon to create and rule an empire in Mesopotamia?

Sargon could send instructions and govern over great distances by using cuneiform.

What group of people are not served by Medicare?

people that aren't 65 and over..

Why did Sargon tear down boundary pillars and city walls?

As a sign of Sargon's conquest over a huge area, Sargon ordered every boundary pillar and city wall torn down.

Who was sargon and what was his contribution to Mesopotamia?

Sargon of Akkad was a great Mesopotamian ruler who people like to say created the first great empire and the story of his birth is much like the story of Moses. His contribution to Mesopotamia was a change in Military, he formed great strategies and that is how he won over all of the city-states.

Difine Precedence of group over the individual?

The precedence of the group over an individual is when a person or group decides that the needs of as many people should be met and the rest have to live with it.

Who wanted to purify the Church of England?

Elizabeth the IThe Puritans were a group of people who wanted to purify the Church of England. They wanted to end the hierarchy that allowed the king to be the ruler over the church.

Did sargon rule over sumer?

no i don't know exactly what group he ruled but it was not Sumerwell if you dnt do you know its not sumer? im doing history and im pretty sure its sumer or like the Akkadian Empire

Did Leif Erickson conquer or take over a group of people?


A pic of a group of a people that take over by force?


What is the problem of a king not leaving an heir?

If the king leaves no heir, that means there is no king, no one to watch over the people, and no one to take over. It can cause problems with people fighting to be able to take over, crimes committed because of a vacuum in leadership, and a higher potential for an inconsistent and violent government transitional period.

Who is king sauls contemporary?

King Saul the first unsaved King that the people demanded govern over them, his contemporary was David, who later became King.

Which group of people has NOT ruled over the eastern Mediterranean?

The Finnish have not ruled over the Eastern Mediterranean.

How many people do Burger King serve per day?

Over 11 million people around the world eat at Burger King each day. Burger King has over 13,000 locations in 79 countries. Its headquarters is located in Florida.

Is a government a system of rules over a group of people?

Yes government it is.

How many people prefer McDonalds over Burger king?


Why can't people get over Michael Jackson's death?

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