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From what I could find, "52nd Street" by Billy Joel was the first CD issued. See the following website:

2006-08-17 01:42:40
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Q: What group or single artist was on the first CD?
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What is a sophomore CD?

Its the second CD that an artist/group puts out.

What does st LP mean?

I think it has something to do with the first release of an artist but I cant work out what the letters stand for. There should also be a "/" between the s and the t. It stands for self-titled. Many first releases by a group or artist have only the group/artist name as the title of the CD/album.

What was the first artist released on CD?

billy joel

Who was the first artist to record on CD?

Billy Joel

When did ABBA release the first CD?

Their first single was about 1972.

What recording artist had the first CD?

Abba, Germany, 1982...album, "The Visitors".

If downloading music is illegal then why aren't used CD stores illegal No royalties paid to the artist from the used CD stores?

The artist requires to be paid a royalty for each copy of his/her CD. This payment is required only a single time (paid by first user). The CD even if it is a used one is therefore legal(if not copied). But downloading is different, one pays noing for downloads and the artist doesnt get the profit he/she deserves. This explains the difference. If you find this info useful, Please vote!!!

What is a CD with more than artist on it?

Answer: Any of the Now! That's What I Call Music albumsAnswer:A CD featuring songs from more than one artist is a compilation album. Although this term is also used to describe single-artist 'best hits' type albums, B-side collections, etc.

What artist has chris done duet with on his first self titled debut CD?


When is paramore's third CD coming out?

The new CD will be coming out in September 29th 2009 and its first single is called ignorance!

Does a musical recording artist receive any money from the sale of a used CD by that artist from a store?

I would think that since the CD is used, it was at one point new. Therefore, the artist/label would have received money the first time it was purchased. Just a guess though.

What is the name of Ashanti's first CD?

Ashanti's first single is called "foolish" and her first album is called "Ashanti".

Who made the first CD?

sony. It was a single of George Michael's hit , Faith .

Which country artist had an earring toe ring and painted toenails on his first CD cover?

Tim McGraw

What was Justin Bieber debut single?

For Justin Bieber's first CD, "My World", the debut single was "One Time". For his second CD, My World Part 2, the debut single was "Baby" featuring Ludacris.One time,but i hate him!

Was Billy Joel the first artist to sing on a CD?

Abba was, but their album was released after Billy Joel's 52nd Street.

What is the name and artist of the first song on Danica Patrick's website?

Hey Hey by Superchick from the CD Rock What You Got.

What is the album artist?

It's the singer of the cd

What is the name of Hollywood undeads newest CD?

It's called Nine Lives, but he's NOT with Nine Lives in this CD. His first single in this one is America.

Can I use a regular CD in my karaoke machine?

You can use a regular CD in most karaoke machines. However, a regular CD will not produce lyrics so you will only be able to sing along with the CD and the artist--not separately from the artist with only background music.

What is the first Taylor Swift CD?

The answer is Tim McGraw No, the first single of her first album is Tim McGraw. Her first album is titled Taylor Swift.

Which artist or band recorded the CD Let's Get Ready?

Mystikal Let's Get Ready music CD

Is there a European artist by the name of Friederike?

A famous artist was the German CD Friedrich, 1774-1840.

Which artist released the CD titled Nellyville?


Which artist band put out the CD Americana?

The Offspring