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There are many groups of Buddhism in Japan today.

The main ones are the Pure Land Buddhism (Jodo shu and Jodo Shinshu) and Nichiren Buddhism.

There is also Zen (Soto and Rinzai are the main ones), Tendai and Shingon.

Many new religions also are based on Buddhism.


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Zen Buddhism lasted in Japan

There are many. Zen Buddhism, Shin or Pure Land Buddhism, are among the major groups.

Buddhism got to Japan through China and Korea.

Buddhism got to Japan through China and Korea .

Buddhism. In Japan, it's Zen Buddhism although it's still Buddhism.

The form of Buddhism that became most common in Japan was Zen Buddhism

It mixes with Japanese Buddhism, or Zen Buddhism. there are other types of buddhism, but not that are practiced in Japan.

Buddhism arrived in Japan when the Korean king in the winter of 552 sent a mission to Japan.

The earthquake in Japan lasted about 3-5 minutes.

pure-land buddhism zen buddhism buddhism ??

Japan, after Buddhism began spreading from China to North and South Korea then to Japan

Zen Buddhism became popular in Japan because the people in Japan wanted to keep their own religion but also wanted to use Buddhism so they blended them together and created Zen Buddhism.

Shinto is an indigenous religion of Japan, and Buddhism and Shinto are very alike.

Buddhism spread to: China Japan Korea Most of Asia. Buddhism spread to: China Japan Korea Most of Asia.

The main religions in Japan are Shinto and Buddhism.

Because Buddhism did not orignate in Japan

Shinto and Buddhism where the major religions of Japan. Japanese consider themselves as Shinto, Buddhism or both.

- Tendai - Shingon - Amida - Zen Zen was the most popular form of Buddhism in Japan.

Buddhism was spread from Korean to Japan by trade by the Baekche state during the late 1400s.

Yes, it was. Buddhism spread From India to China then to Japan, the Koreas, Tibet (part of China) and Vietnam.

before buddhism came to japan there were no temples people did not believe in praying could help with anything, but when Buddhism got introduced india, japan built temples in every city and they would pray for there people

There is no "regular" Buddhism. There are a number of schools of Buddhism. Zen is one school that originates from Japan.

Buddhism originated in India, and it never caught on in India. Buddhism was then introduced in China, Korea, and Japan

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