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Q: What habitat do Clydesale horses live in?
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What is a horses main habitat?

its where they live

Where do horses live in habitat?

In a stable.

What habitat do Lipizzaner horses live in?

A barn in Germany

What habitat do Clydesdale horses live in?

In a grassland In a grassland

What is an horses habitat?

domesticated horses live on open farmland and wild hoearses live on plains and open grasslands

What is the natural habitat of the horse?

any were horses want to live

What habitat do wild horses live in?

Wild horses prefer to live in the open plains and grasslands, or the meadows in where there are usually trees.

What kind of habitat do horses live in?

horses live on farms ,country sides and in the wildAnswerHorses live in grasslands, grassy fields, zoo or farms.

What kind of habitat do Tennessee Walking horses live in?

The same type of habitat that's in TN regularly.

What is the climate of the horses habitat?

They live outside, so unless you live in Antarctica you should be good.

Is the horse a desert habitat animal?

No, horses do not live in the desert. they live on farms, in fields etc

What a wild horses habitat is?

Well i wild horse can live anywhere its wants to live. But mostley in herds. On Assategue the horses there live on the beach or in caves on the island.

What other animals live in horses habitat?

it is a cow a donkey and other animals

What animals live in grassland habitat in England?

a veriety of horses including suffolk punch draft horses and many more.

Are horses prairie animals?

Well horses evolved to live out in open space so a prairie would be a natural habitat for them.

What kind of habitat do horses live in as a pet?

The type of habitat will vary according to where the humans themselves live. It could be a desert, mountains, meadows or anything in-between.

What does a wild horses habitat look like?

well it depends on where they live. some horses live in the woods, some live on wide grassy plains and some live in the desert. it just depends.

What other animals live in their habitat?


What habitat do horses live in?

Fieldsgrasslands, plains, grassy fields, zoo, and sometimes forest

Where does horses mainly live?

well mostly anywhere! but not in the city anywhere that has a good habitat for them.

What other animals live in habitat?


What is the Clydesdale horses habitat?

the habitat is a grassland

What is a horses habitat like?

Horses typically live in a pasture so they can graze the grass all day. Domestic horses will sometimes be kept in a barn stall.

What is a horses habitat and range?

Horses generally live in open fields or in the forest. Their range can be up to several miles in each direction.

What is a sea horses habitat?

a sea horses habitat is under the sea in the sea weed