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Q: What had Jim Smiley taught his dog to do in a fight?
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What did Jim smiley taught his dog to do in fight?

Jim Smiley taught his dog to grab the back leg of the other dog in a fight. His dog was named Andrew Jackson and he was lazy so in a fight he grabbed the other dog's back leg and held on until the other dog quit.

In The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County besides his trained frog Jim Smiley had formerly owned a?

Besides his trained frog, Jim Smiley had also previously owned a fighting dog.

What did Jim smiley like to do?

Jim Smiley liked to bet on various contests and competitions involving animals, such as frog jumping or dog fighting. He was known for always seeking out opportunities to wager on different outcomes and events.

Can a dog be taught how to Dougie?

ofcourse a dog can be taught how a dougie. I actually taught my dog how to do this dance a few weeks ago.

How do you do the dog smiley on facebook?

type :bowbow:

Will A Jack Russell fight a Jack Chi?

No dog breed combinations are necessarily going to fight each other. It depends on the individual dog. It may be dog aggressive, or not socialized with other dogs. Even so-called "mean" breeds, like Pit Bulls or Rottweilers are not going to fight each other unless taught to.

What is the name of Jim carreys dog?

he doesn't have a dog

Where did Tom want Jim to write an inscription?

Tom wanted Jim to write an inscription on the brass dog collar they were making for Jim's dog.

When did Acrobatic Dog-Fight happen?

Acrobatic Dog-Fight happened in 1984.

When was Acrobatic Dog-Fight created?

Acrobatic Dog-Fight was created in 1984.

what do you call a dog that likes to fight?

A dog that likes to fight can be called aggressive.

Who will win in a fight a canary dog or a pit bull?

depends on the fight in the dog.