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"I find the best hair color to completely cover gray hair is L'Oreal

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How do you color your blonde hair gray?

Get some Grey Hair dye! WHY DO YOU WANT YOUR HAIR GREY?

Can you reverse gray hair?

no but you can dye it back to the original color

How do you color gray hair?

The only way to effectively color grey hair is to use permanent dye.

What over the counter hair color works best on white hair?

Pick a hair dye that is specifically made to be used on gray hair, and the covering of gray hair. It will take to hair with no color for longer.

How can you color your white hair to gray?

yes, all you would need is a grey hair dye!

How do you get your gray hair to color the same color as you color the rest of your hair?

The only reason that this can happen is that you are using the wrong dye. Permanent dye covers grey hairs completely. If you are using a home dye make sure that it says 100 percent grey coverage. If this isn't the problem go to a salon and have a consultation. Your hair could be very resistant and they will be able to cover your grey for you.

Can you dye or color gray hair?

Yes but only with a permanent hair colour. Any other will not stay in the hair.

What cause hair to change color?

Stress can sometimes cause hair to turn gray. Aging can, and if u dye it.

How do you dye your hair gray?

i'm not sure a lot of people would do that but you can just use gray hair dye

What is a popular hair treatment for gray hair?

A popular hair treatment for grey hair is root touch-ups and actual hair dye. The most common hair treatment is actual hair dye because it lasts longer and completely covers the grey.

Why won't my hair dye i have died it 11 times and none have worked why?

it depends you hair color because if your hair color is dark you wont notice the dye at all no matter how many times you dye it but if your hair is light then you might be dying it incorrectly. me personally i wouldn't dye my hair because it damages your hair and you get gray hairs at an early age.

What color should you dye you hair?

There is no color you "should" dye your hair...it's whatever color you want to dye it!

How do you dye hair gray?

Go to a hair person

Can gray hair reversese back to color?

Science hasn't taken us that far yet. That's why there's hair dye.

What is the difference between hair dye an hair color?

They are more or less interchangeable, hair color is a broader term though as it can sometimes refer to hair lighteners like bleach, as well as hair dyes. So hair dye is a type of hair color. Hair color is anything that changes the color of your hair. Hair dye deposits color into your hair.

How do you care hair whiteness?

DYE DYE DYE! Dye your hair its original color it will look natural.

Can you dye your hair when breastfeeding?

can you you dye your hair when breastfeeding with store bought hair color?

If you dye your hair will your original hair color grow back?

It depends on the type of hair dye you used. If it is the temporary hair dye, then your original hair color will come back. If it is permanent hair dye, it might grow back, or it might not.

How does hair get its natural colour scientifically?

There is a dye molecule (melanin) which is added to the hair as it is grown. The concentration of that substance gives hair its color - when the body stops adding melanin the hair goes gray and then white (the true color of hair).

How often can you change your hair color?

You can change your hair color when ever you would like because you can buy hair dye for your hair. So you can dye your hair any time when you buy the dye.

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