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Armageddon. When your computer locked up because of one of Microsoft's unannounced features, you'd call it a "heart attack" instead of a crash. It would be the "Red Screen of Death" with a gold border around it, and a creepy guy in a crown would give you the description of the crash. The prizes in kids meals would be CDs containing Microsoft products...that you can download off the Web for free anyway. They would refuse to serve Mac and Linux users.

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What are 3 competitors of microsoft?

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When did Insta Burger King changed its name to Burger King?

Insta Burger King became Burger King in 1957.

What are the Burger King slogan?

The Burger King Slogan is a Burger with the Title "Burger King" written in between the middle of the burger where the meat should be.

How do you spell Burger King?

Burger King

Why is Burger King Unique?

burger king is unique because it i the only restaurant the has a king made out of a burger

Where can you buy Burger King tacos?

burger king

Is have it your way Burger King or McDonald's?

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The burger king whopper burger is about 1.00

What is Burger King made out of?

If you get a burger from Burger King they make it out of a patty and lettuce and meat

When was Angus Burger - Burger King - created?

Angus Burger - Burger King - was created in 2006.

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apply for the burger king job.

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It depends on what you order from Burger King.

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The continent of Antarctica has no Burger King.

Is Burger King a public limited company?

No, Burger King is not

When was The Burger King created?

The Burger King was created in 1955.

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there are 11,550 outlets of burger king resturants there are 11,550 outlets of burger king resturants

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Burger King was not opened until 1954, And the Original names Was Insta-Burger King :)

Was Burger King around in 1983?

Yes Burger King was around in 1983. The Burger King corporation was founded in 1954.

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Who owns Burger King now?

Burger King was established in 1953 and was known as Insta-Burger King. As of 2014, 3G Capital of Brazil holds the majority stakes of Burger King at 71%.

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Yes Florida did invent burger king the people in Florida build burger king first.

What is Burger King?

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