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What happen if your dog killed a groundhog?

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Less Groundhogs.

The dog should probably get a Rabies booster shot.

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Will a groundhog hurt a dog?

Depends on the size of the dog and where the groundhog bites. a groundhog wont hurt most large dogs, but they can do servere damage to most small dogs.

What is a nickname for Blacktailed Prairie dog?

The Groundhog.

Can a groundhog do damage to a medium size dog if provoked?

A groundhog can possibly do damage to a medium size dog if it is provoked. Although small in size, groundhogs can attack causing possibly injury to a dog.

Will a groundhog attack a dog?

If your dog sticks his nose down the groundhog's hole, then yes, the groundhog will indeed chomp down on your dog's nose.Then it is off to see the Vet.

What rhymes with groundhog?

dog log blog The dog in the log stopped when it fell in the bog?

What animal eats a groundhog?

dog and other k-9s

What do the prairie dog guinea pig and groundhog have in common?


Can a groundhog climb a tree?

yes, a groundhog can climb a tree....usually to escape a predator(dog) or to find some tasty fruit or berries.

What are some animal names that rhyme with dog?

Frog, hog, groundhog,

Can a groundhog be found in a desert?

No, groundhogs do not live in deserts. However, a close cousin of the groundhog, the prairie dog, does live in some North American deserts.

What happen if the groundhog sees its shadow on February 2?

He drops a log

Who killed Candy's dog?

carlson killed candy's dog

How do you get rid of a groundhog without shooting it?

Borrow my dog. He'll take care of it for you.

Someting is eating my garden vegetables?

it could be a rabbit, groundhog, or even a dog

If curiosity killed the cat then what happened to the dog?

Sarcasm killed the dog!

What Anther name for a groundhog?

A woodchuck. Harmless herbivores which will not kill your cat. kitten, or dog.

What helps a dog if it ate groundhog poision?

<p>nothing, your dogs dead</p>

Would your dog get rabies for eating a ground hog?

Only if the groundhog is carrying the disease

What if the groundhog sees his shadow?

What will happen if he sees his shadow is that there will be 6 more weeks of winter .

What did Hitler do to his wife and dog?

He killed his dog and his wife killed herself along with Hitler

How was the last dodo killed?

a dog killed it

Why did Hitler kill his dog Blondy?

Hitler killed his dog on April 29th, 1945 because he killed himself the next day. He killed his dog with a poison pill

What is a groundhog?

What is a groundhog?

Can dogs eat rabbits?

yes they do eat rabbits because wolfs killed and ate rabbits and the dog is related and i did see it happen.

Did Hitler poison his dog?

Yes he took Cyanide killed his wife and dog then killed himself!