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Your legs will start hurting a lot and if you don't exercise them they will stop working.

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Q: What happen to legs if Back bone or pelvic crush on legs nerves?
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What is the function of the lumbar plexus?

a network of nerves originating in the spinal nerves of the mid back region and innervating the pelvic area, the front of the legs, andpart of the feet.

Can fibroids on the uterus cause leg and back pain?

Uterine fibroids can cause leg and back pain if they are large enough. This occurs when a large fibroid causes pressure on the pelvic nerves.

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What causes back pain and pain in the pelvic area?

There are several reasons that cause back pain and pelvic pain. Most medical experts suspect inflammation or infection in the pelvic area. To determine the exact cause of a pelvic pain, one must undergo a gynecological ultrasound.

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What exercise is best for correcting Posterior Pelvic Tilt?

Some exercises for posterior pelvic tilt are the floor bridge, lunges, lower back extensions, and front and side planks. Posterior pelvic tilt is when there is shortening of the hip flexors, causing the pelvis to tilt back. This problem is sometimes called a flat back.

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Your back is mostly mussles, but in your pelvic area in the back are your kidneys.

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Can pelvic floor exercisers hurt your back?

Any exercise has the potential to injure your back if not done properly. If you are concerned, hire a personal trainer to show you the correct technique for pelvic floor exercises.

What system consist of nerves that transmit impulses back and forth?

The nervous system consists of nerves that transmit impulses back and forth.

Which position a casualty with pelvic injury should be placed in?


Where are L1-5 nerves?

L1-5. These nerves enter from the lumbar vertebrae of the lower back.

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Why does your lower right stomach hurt?

Because You have a tight muscle in your back causing these things to happen. When tight in the back the muscles can press against the nerves of other organs as they leave the spine to cause them to go into pains or act up.

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What position for a pelvic injury?

lying still and on back with legs straight

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What relays information between the spinal cord and cerebrum?


Where is the sacrum?

It is located at the base of the spine and at the upper and back part of the pelvic cavity.

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