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if the copper wire (s) were conneting the battery to the lamp removing one of the wires would break a circut and the lamp goes out.

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It light up. ;)

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Q: What happen to the bulb when the copper wire connect to the battery?
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How do you connect copper wires to battery?

i will tell you how if you tell me what this project is called,it uses light bulb, copper wires,holder,6 volt battery.

What houshold items can you use as a battery?

An item of fruit, a copper penny, a nail and wire. Connect all this up to a bulb and you have a lamp.

If you connect a battery and a bulb in this way the bulb will not light?


What will happen after you make an Electric Circuit?

If you connect the circuit properly the bulb should light up. That means attaching the left side of the battery to the right side of the bulb using a wire and attaching the right side of the battery to the left side of the bulb. If you do that the your bulb should turn on. If it doesn't then try changing the battery or the bulb.

What happens when you connect a single battery to a light bulb?

If the voltage is appropriate, the bulb will shine.

When you connect a battery and a bulb and one will not light what is your circuit?


How do you make a circuit with a light bulb and battery?

Get your bulb, it should be a very small wattage (weak) one, get your battery and wires, connect one wire to plus side of abttery and other wire to minus side of battery, then connect to the bulb, you may have to play around a bit to find a connection that produces light.

How do you connect the parts of a simple electric circuit together so that the light bulb lights up?

Simply connect the -ve of the bulb to -ve of the battery and +ve of bulb to +ve of battery using an electrically conductive wire, the bulb will light automatically.

What is the battery life of a 9 volt battery on a 3.5 volt of a bulb?

The battery life (assuming it is a primary cell) is determined by the Ampere-hour drawn from it. You cannot connect a 3.5V bulb directly to a 9V battery. The bulb will fuse.

To light up a light bulb we need to connect to a?

To light a light bulb you need to connect to a source of electricity like a battery or an electrical outlet.

How do you use a light bulb as a resistor when charging a capacitor?

connect the light bulb to the positive wire like a inline fuse and then connect the wire to the battery it should just burn out the bulb

Which terminal of bulb does connect with battery?

Center terminal is connected to the positive from the battery. Outside is connected to ground (-).