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The enzyme is catalase. It can exist without adding hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide simply activates the enzyme.

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The part of the potato that comes in contact with hydrogen peroxide will produce minuscule bubbles and white foam.

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Q: What happen when a raw potato is mixed with hydrogen peroxide?
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What does hydrogen peroxide and sugar do?

The reaction of common household hydrogen peroxide is rather boring. But pure H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) mixed with sugar which is C12H22O11 results in the production of H2O and CO2.

Is thorium and hydrogin peroxide dangerous if mixed?

Thorium (as a metal) doesn't react with hydrogen peroxide.

What can the manganese dioxide be called when mixed with hydrogen peroxide?


Why does hydrogen peroxide foam when mixed with yeast?

because we have skills

What gas is produced when manganese dioxide ans hydrogen peroxide are mixed?


What happens when hydrogen peroxide is mixed with raw steak?

i think all the blood will disappear

Is hydrogen peroxide a compound or elements or mixture?

H2O2 is a covalent compound, as a pure sample of it cannot be split into other separate compounds by physical means. However, the bottle labeled "Hydrogen Peroxide" in your medicine cabinet is actually a mixture (it's about a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide the compound in water). I hope i could help out :)

What would happen if you mixed peroxide and enzyme?

The peroxide decomposes rapidly and creates free radicals that would tear apart enzymes

What would occur if you mixed corn syrup corn oil rubbing alcohol hydrogen peroxide and water together?

Well, if you mixed rubbing alcohol with hydrogen peroxide it could produce a risk of creating VERY harmful chlorine gases. So I don't advise you to try it.

What happens when Alka-Seltzer is mixed with Hydrogen Peroxide?

having just done this experiment for my chemistry lab, i found that adding it to hydrogen peroxide produces a similar reaction as adding it to water. it dissolves almost as fast.

What will happen if you put baking soda and hydrogen peroxide on your skin?

Nothing will happen if baking soda mixed with vinegar gets on one's skin. Both ingredients, individually or combined, are harmless.

Which substance hydrogen peroxide or baking soda produces oxygen?

 You actually saved me with this question. I needed the answer for a homework. I found out it was hydrogen peroxide.hydrogen peroxide can be used as a toothpaste if mixed correctly with baking soda or salt(not cooking salt)