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William the duke of Normandy won this battle due to English men getting more tired and restless

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What happend in 1066?

In the year 1066 the battle of Hastings happend it was a large war involving many people.

What happend after William won the battle of hastings in 1066 to october to December?

He traveled south to battle Harold Hardradi, and he lost

How did King Edward died?

king edward the cofeser died in 1066 befor the battle of hastings happend

Where exactly was the battle of hastings?

The battle of hastings was in a town called battle (which was not named battle until after the battle of hastings) it was in the middle of knowwere and it was about 10km from a town called hastings.

In what year was the battle of Hastings?

The battle of Hastings was in 1066.

The battle of hastings?

The battle of hastings occurred in 1066.

Where did William fight at the Battle of Hastings?

the clues in the name the battle was the battle of Hastings and it was fought in Hastings on Senlac Hill

In the battle of hastings what happened at midday?

on the day of battle of hastings thaere was a BATTLE :/

Answers to battle of hastings?

heya the battle of the is google and type in battle of hastings

The bay where William landed before the battle of Hastings?

the place where no.9 also known as William landed in pevensey.This happend in 1066.

What month was battle of hastings?

The month the Battle Of Hastings was in was October.

What year was the year of battle of hastings?

the battle of hastings was in 1066

Where is the battle field they fort at in the battle of Hastings?

Hastings of course!

When was the Battle of Hastings?

the battle of hastings was in 1066!1066

Why did the Battle of Hastings take place in Hastings?

The battle of Hastings actually took place 6 miles away from Hastings.

Where did the battle or hastings fight?

the battle of hastings took place about seven miles away from hastings.

Where was the battle Hastings held 1066?

The Battle of Hastings was held in Hastings, which is in the southern part of England.

Was the battle of Hastings a war or campaign?

The battle of Hastings was neither a war or a campaign it was a Battle

If the Battle of Hastings wasnt in Hastings why is it called the Battle of Hastings?

because it was fought in a place called sussex but they thought they were fighting in Hastings.

What were the three battles in the Battle of Hastings?

The battle of Hastings, the battle of Forthford gates and the battle of Stamford Bridge.

Where in Hastings did the Battle of Hastings occur?

The Battle of Hastings happened outside Hastings to the west in a battlefield which today, is a normal field. It happened about 6km from Hastings at the time.

What is the name of the hill that the Battle of Hastings was on?

The Battle of Hastings Took place on on Senlac Hill, near Hastings.

What year did the battle of hastings ends?

The Battle of Hastings Ended in 1066

What was the battle of hastings all babout?

the battle of hastings was about who wanted to be king.

How many people were in the battle of hastings?

18,000 people were in the battle of hastings

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