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Michael Jackson had left Jackson 5 long before his death. He wasn't part of Jackson 5 anymore.

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He is 79 years old. His name is Joseph Walter Jackson.

mostly everyone went and started buying his everything and started loving him until they died

No, Michael Jackson has not faked his death.

Yes, Michael Jackson was always skinny before his death.

No, he did not fake his death.

He gave him the drugs, so yes he is involved.

August 29th, 1958 - June 25th, 2009

Date Of Michael Jacksons Death: June 25, 2009 He Died From a Cardiac Arrest which mainly means a Heart attack

Michael Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana. At the time of his death he lived in California.

Be cause it's Michael Jackson....

No, his doctor was charged, tried and found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

Michael Jackson Death of an Icon - 2009 TV was released on: USA: 26 June 2009

They are very sad over Michael Jackson death

Lady Gaga is not dead, but Michael Jackson is. And his death has nothing to do with Lady Gaga.

Yes, Dr. Conrad Murray was arrested, tried, and convicted for negligence in the death of Michael Jackson.

Yes, the Jackson brothers have a reality show called The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty, it will follow them as they prepare for a tour and see to how they cope with Michael's death, it will air Dec. 13 on A&E.

He Was Going To To The This Is It Tour But Two Days Before The First Tour Date Michael Jackson Had Suffered Cardiac Arrest And Was Announced Death.

No, Michael Jackson did not fake his death on June 25, 2009. He was killed by his own doctor by an overdose and suffered a heart attack.

MICHAEL JACKSON 1958-2009 RIPMany fans adored Michael Jackson during his lifetime. His death brought his music back into popularity and sales soared.

HA! Michael Jackson was in life and is more rich now in death. He ranked as #1 of 10. And still is!

'Randy' Jackson's real name is Steven and he is currently helping out with the family after the death of Michael.