What happend to ScarletChick on HorseIsle?

ScarletChick on horse isle was banned because AspenBug made a second account, with the same password that ScarletCHick had( they use to be bff's so they shared passwords) then she gave the account to ScarletChicks sibling and they went on it then AspenBug reported ScarletChick for having 2 account and spammed her e-mails. AspenBug to this day still try's to ruin ScarletCHicks life, how do i know.. CUZ IM SCARLET CHICK AND THIS IS EXACTLY WHY YOU SHOULDN'T PLAY HORSE ISLE!

ScarletChick's account is forever gone. I try to get back my only account but they don't believe me, Please help me if you were my bud or any player that gets my point, which is i don't deserve this!!