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Umaga (real name Eddie Fatu) passed away on December 4, 2009 due to a heart attack. He was 36 years old.

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he died a couple weeks ago.....

some say it was because of marijuana

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He had a heart attack and died

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Q: What happend to WWE superstar umaga?
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Was WWE superstar umaga at the Sacramento event?

Umaga Is Dead!

Who is umaga WWE superstar?

He used to be on smackdown but then he died.

Is WWE superstar the rock related to umaga?

yes they are cousins

Is WWE superstar Umaga really dead?

Yes, Umaga died of a heart attack in Houston,Texas

Was wwe superstar umaga at arco arena yesterday?

Umaga's dead. He's been dead since December.

What happend to WWE superstar the undertaker?

He is currently injured but he will be back.

Why was WWE Superstar Umaga fired?

Nothing happened to him; he is alive and well.

Is WWE superstar Umaga also WWE superstar Rosie?

== No, but he is Jamal a former wwe employee. Easy to get them confused as they used to be a tag team known as 3 Minute Warning working for the then GM Eric Bischoff.==

What happend to WWE superstar MVP?

He quit to go work in japan with his friends that didn't make it to WWE.

How did WWE superstar umaga die?

Eddie Fatu (aka Umaga) was rushed to a hospital on December 4, 2009. He was found by his wife. Yes, Umaga did die at age 38. Umaga was great, I didn't want anything to happen, but to late.R.I.P. Eddie Fatu (aka Umaga)

What happend to WWE superstar kiznary?

He sucked major monkey balls; So they fired his assss

Is WWE umaga WWE rikishi's son?

Umaga was not Rikishi's son but his brother.