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It ceased to exist.

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Which republic was the German democratic government in 1919 after World War I?

The Weimar Republic was the German democratic government in 1919 after World War I. It lasted to 1933.

What happend to the lusitania?

It was sunk by German submarines and is the reason why the U.S.A. declared war on Germany and entered World War 1.

What happend to Hitler after World War 1?

He became a V-man for German Intellegence this i when he met the German Workers party which soon became the NAZIS

Who was head of German government in World War 2?

Adolf Hitler

Who was the German government leader during the world war 2?

Adolf Hitler was the dictator during World War II. He was the leader of the German during that time.

How did World War 1 reparations lead to inflation and instability in the German government?

A German guy asassinated another German person which became a spark of the war.

Which government succeeded the German Empire after World War 1?

Weimar Republic

How did german currency become worthless?

The German government printed too much of it before World War 2.

What was Germany's government called after World War 1 but before Hitler came to power?

At the end of world war one it was the modern German Empire, but was called the German Reich right after that.

Who was the leader of the German controlled French government in World War 2?

Maréchal Pétain

What happend to the states after World War 2?

they were destroyed by the war.

What happend in 1941?

There was world war II

What happend you World War 2?


After the overthrow of Kaiser Wilhelm 2 what German government was set up?

The government was the Weimar Republic set up in 1918 after the fall of the German Empire in World War I

What happend in 1992 in World War 2?

The Second World War had finished by 1945.

Provisional capital of France during the German occupation in world war ii?

The provisional capital of France during the German occupation in World War 2 was Vichy. The government there is now known as the Vichy Government and is regarded as an illegitimate group of Nazi collaborators.

What happend at the end of world war 2?


When World War 2 happend?


What happend to cause the World War 2?


What happend on October 5th 1914?

October 5, 1914- World War I's first Allied plane to shoot down a enemy German plane.

Who was the leader of the German government during world war II?

Adolf Hitler, head of the Nazi party.

What happend during the early weeks of the war?

During the early weeks of World War I some of the first clashes of the conflict took place in Africa, mostly among British, French, and German forces.

What is German for World War I?

"der Erster Weltkrieg" is the correct German term for "World War one"

What world wide event happend in 2003?

The Sudan war!

When did World War I happend?

It happened between 1914-1918

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