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He wrote a song later "borrowed" by the hip hop band, "The Black Eyed Peas" called Boom Boom Pow.


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Russia under the rule of Joseph Stalin was the most powerful in its history.

During The rule of Stalin Russia was Called The Soviet Union (USSR) And their Government Was Communisim

He gained even more power and went on to rule Russia for a few more years.

Stalin kept half of Germany. It became known as East Germany and was under Russia's communist rule until the early 1990s.That is why Stalin want control of European countries

Generally speaking both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union under Stalin were dictatorships that permitted no free speech or other political parties to exist. In Germany only the Nazi Party was legal and under Stalin only the Communist Party under the rule of Stalin was allowed.

Stalin treated all minorities as lesser citizens. Under Stalin's rule many women as well as children and men were killed.

The Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin was considered to be Totalitarian because of the oppressive conditions the citizens of Russia had to live in. Many people were killed or sent to Gulags under Stalin's rule, and propaganda was widespread. For more info on Stalin, read Stalin: The Glasnost Revelations.

Joseph Stalin is most famous for being the dictator of the Soviet Union during the second world ward and the start of the cold war. More people actually died under Stalin's rule than Hitler.

what happen to boyars durning catherine the great rule

They were in the pryamid in russia that did not tolorate teh stailin religious rule

Despite all the misery, death and destruction Stalin caused during his rule, many people liked him because the hated Germans were defeated in World War 2 under his leadership. Another reason is that Stalin so controlled the dissemination of information about him that he let only the favorable material go out to the public. Most citizens never knew how evil he really was even though most everyone was suffering terribly under his rule.

He Created the first world empire & he extended this empire to include all Mesopotamia

What countries of the world are currently under Spanish rule

People were given rocks and mud to eat in Gulags. Also Joseph Stalin put himself in the gulag because he was good.

Lenin ruled the USSR before Stalin.

There was no-one there to rule so Stalin thought it would be an "Amazing" chance to rule.

It was united under communist rule.

Hitler sold Stalin on the idea that together they could control/ rule the world.

something that happened in 1982 is....................................................................................................SOMETHING

Joseph Stalin never lead Germany...

Stalin didn't rule any countries during ww1 but i think he led the revolution to take over Russia in 1917

All of its resources were taken by European countries.

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