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What happened between Rihanna and Chris Brown?

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TRUTHFUL ANSWER Rumors were saying that Leona Lewis and Chris Brown were together and than when Rihanna and Chris met Leona It seemed like they were flirting so that is when Rihanna got mad. Than in the car they were arguing and I forgot or something but RIhanna said something about Chris Browns mom being abused and that is when he got so angry and he just started to hit her and punch her and bite her and she cept on yelling stop. Than either he jumped out the car and ran away or he pushed rihanna out the care and drove off either way someone heard her crying and they called the police. And a hour later Chris Brown felt wrong so he turned himself in than got bailed out! And rumors say that cHris Brown and Rihanna are still dating but i believe they are just friends. Besides they be saying Chris brown is with Natiltie from girlicious!

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Does Rihanna have a right to talk about what happened between her and Chris Brown?

Yes, of course Rihanna has a right to talk about what happened between her and Chris Brown.

What happened between chris brown and rihanna?

He beat her, was charged, and was put into jail.

IS Chris Brown marring Rihanna?

not after what happened

Did Chris Brown ever perform live after what happened with Rihanna?

Yes Chris Brown has performed live after what happened with Rihanna. He has performed at the BET Awards 2010.

Do Chris Brown like Rihanna after what happen?

I don't know but here's my guess: I think he is mad at rihanna after what happened. And rihanna is reallyPARANOID at Chris..... the end. is she having a baby to chris brown

Does Chris Brown still love Rihanna?

Chris Brown is over Rihanna and Rihanna is over Chris Brown.

What happened to Chris Brown?

Chris Brown abused rihanna then went to jail but was bailed out an hour later.

Does Chris Brown still have feels for Rihanna?

No Chris Brown does not still have feelings for Rihanna. Chris Brown has moved on and so has Rihanna.

What happened with Chris Brown and Rihanna?

first they were girl friend and boy friend but then they had a fight. chris brown beat up rihanna cuz rihanna found out about a text some other lady chris brown was going out with sent him a text.

Did Rihanna marry Chris Brown?

No, Rihanna did not marry Chris Brown.

Is Rihanna going out with Chris Brown?

No, Rihanna is not going out with Chris Brown.

Does Rihanna live with Chris Brown?

No Rihanna does not live with Chris Brown.

Are Rihanna and Chris Brown cousins?

No Rihanna and Chris Brown are not cousins.

Who was Rihanna cheating on Chris Brown with?

Rihanna did not cheat on Chris Brown.

Who did Chris Brown cheat on Rihanna with?

Chris Brown did not cheat on Rihanna.

What happened with Rihanna and Chris Brown?

Rihanna saw a three page text message on Chris' phone from his ex girlfriend and Chris wanted to throw rihanna out the car. He snapped.

Does Chris Brown and Rihanna have a baby?

No. Chris Brown and Rihanna do not have a child together.

Does Chris Brown like Rihanna?

No, Chris Brown does not like Rihanna anymore.

Has Rihanna and Chris Brown had a fight?

rihanna and chris brown did get into a fightyes

Does Chris Brown have kid by Rihanna?

No Chris Brown did not have a kid by Rihanna or anybody.

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