What happened in year 1000?

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How much tornadoes happened in US?

1000 on average per year

Is 1214 is the endless day for everyone?

The year 1214 happened 1000 years ago.

What is exact date that America was discovered?

Christopher Columbus didn't discover America. the Vikings did and this happened around the year 1000 A D

What happened when 1000 baseballs fell from an airplane?

Then there will be 1000 baseballs that will hit the ground.

What happened around the year 1000 BC to the Greeks?

The movement of peoples ended the Mycenaean era from incoming Greek Dorians and the Sea Peoples.

What happened in ancient Egypt in 1000 BC?

During this period of time around the 1000 BC the Egyptians all gathered to propose the joining of Amun and Ra. In this year Amun and Ra merged into one forming Amun-Ra; king of all the gods. This all happened in the 3rd intermediate.

How many tornadoes are reported in a year?

over a 1000 and a 1000 tornadoes are on average per year

How old is tikal?

she is 14 year old then she died 1000 year ago she might be 1000 year old 0_0

How many leaps year in 1000 year?

There can be either 242 or 243 leap years in any 1000-year period.

What happened in this year 2009 in the failed of swimming?

what happened in this year in this year 2009 in the fai

How much a year is a 1000 a week?

52 weeks in a year 1000 x 52 = 52000

What happened in the year of 0?

There was no year zero, so nothing happened.

Is there an important event that happened around the world in the year of 1000?

The year 1000 ended the first millennium. The Christian kingdom of Hungary was established in August of that years. At that time Hungary was much larger than it is today. Also, Leif Erickson was the first European to set foot in North America.

How often should I change the oil in my car I drive about 1000 miles a year?

Once a year should be fine if you only drive it 1000 miles.Once a year should be fine if you only drive it 1000 miles.

When did Girl's Garden happen?

Girl's Garden happened in 1000.

When did Bank Panic happen?

Bank Panic happened in 1000.

When did Champion Boxing happen?

Champion Boxing happened in 1000.

If i save 1000 a week how much would i save a year?

There are 52 weeks in a year so 52 * 1000 = 52000.

What happened in the year of 1670 in Africa?

what happened near the the year 1660's in africa???

What year did the Vikings discover America?

in 1000 (CAD) around 1000 A.D.

What is the symbol for 1000?

K. The Year 2000 was also called Y2K K is the symbol for 1000... The year 2000 was symbolized as Y2K, which stood for Year 2000...

Was 1000 a leap year?

1000 was not a leap year according to the current calendar, the Gregorian calendar, but it was a leap year according to the Julian calendar, which was in use at the time.

How many zebras die a year?

oppressively 1000 a year

How many avalanches there are in a year?

well there is about 1000 avalanches a year

What happened 1000 years ago?

i dont KNOW dont ask me

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