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What happened to Coventry in World War 2?

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On the night of 14 November 1940 Coventry was attacked by over 500 German bombers. There was a firestorm in the centre, casualties were high and the 'all clear' signal to the population wasn't given till 9 am the following day. Damage to buildings included thr destruction of the medieval cathedral. I think it's fair to say that the raid has taken on a symbolic significance beyond its actual importance. Joncey 60,000 out of 75,000 buildings were badly damaged. Tank and aicraft engine production was severely compromised.

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What happened to Coventry Cathedral in world war 2?

A bomb dropped on it.

Were in England was bombed in World War 2?

mostly Coventry in London

Why did Britain bomb Dresdon in world war 2?

Britain bombed Dresden in World War 2 because they sent our troops to coventry

What if World War 2 not happened?

the will be no world war 2

When were Liverpool Manchester coventry Birmingham and belfast bombed in world war 2?

in the 1940s

Why was coventry bombed in World War 2?

It was a very industrial city, lots of factories

What happened to the nations who lost world war 2?

What happened to the nations who lost world war 2?

What date was Coventry bombed in World War 2?

Coventry was bombed in November 1939Coventry was bombed many times during World War II but according to Wikipedia, the worst occasion was on 14 November 1940. As far as I know, nowhere in the UK was bombed in 1939.

What happened in Coventry in World War 2?

Coventry was a major factory city which made cars, boats, and during the war fitted parts for planes. Germany didn't want the British Army and it's allies advancing so, they began to bomb the factories, and streets surrounding it. One of the worst things that happened was the Cathedral was bombed in. This lost many lives.

What war happened after World War 2?

The Korean War happened after WW2.

World wars in order they happened?

World War 1 happened first and World War 2 happened second.

During World War 2 the cities of Coventry and Dresden were connected in what way?

During World War 2, Coventry in England and Dresden in Germany were connected in that both were subjected to devastating bombing raids that results in widespread destruction and the deaths of thousands of people.

What happened with Russian in World War 2?

what happened Germany and allies and Japaneses and Russian in world war 2

What happened befor World War 2?

World War I

What happened to coventry cathedral during World War 2?

On 14 November 1940. Coventry was the target of a large raid by over 500 German bombers of Luftflotte 3. This raid destroyed many homes and historic buildings ,demolishing Coventry's Cathedral in the process.

What were the consequences for not agreeing to the Treaty of Versailles?

World war 2, which is exactly what happened. World war 2, which is exactly what happened.

In World War 2 what main cities were bombed?

London, Coventry, Liverpool, Manchester and lots more.

What happened in the war of World War 2?


Why did Germans bomb coventry?

Coventry was the major car manufacturing centre in Britain and during World War 2 it mainly produced military vehicles. By bombing it, Germany hoped to disrupt the manufacture of war materials.

What happened to World War 2 guns after World War 2?

they were modifyed or put in muesuems

Was Coventry the most bombed English city in World War 2?

No. London was probably the most heavly bombed................

Which English town or city were bombed the most in World War 2?

The worst bomed city in England was Coventry.

Which English cities suffered the most bomb damage in World War 2?

London, Coventry, Liverpool, Portsmouth.

What happened after World War 1 was over?

World War 2 started.

What happened after World War 2 ended?

the Korean war

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