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What happened to DBZ?

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Dragonball aired from 2000 to 2003 on toonami then finished. But returned in 2008 till toonami ended.

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Is dbz over?

no, they are making dbz Kai and a dbz af in June

What is super saiyan trunks power level?

100000000 in dbz gt what part all what version you asked? example dbz kai dbz gt dbz dbz af and more.

Where to find DBZ episodes?

well,i found dbz episodes on the internet on dbz

Is dbz better than ruffy?

dbz = dc dbz better real better

Which is better Naruto or dbz?

DBZ Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dbz in Spanish?

dbz is a japan show \

Where can you read dbz online?


How many dbz seasons are there?

There are 9 DBZ Seasons and as far as i know there are 2 DBZ GT seasons

Do they sell dbz LEGOs?

they do sell dbz legos in japan dbz legos in japan do not come a part

Game Dragon Ball Z?

There are many games involving dbz... Dbz ultimate battle 22 -playstation 1 Dbz Shin bodakai - PSP Dbz shin bodakai another road - PSP Dbz bodakai - Gamecube, PS2, etc... Dbz bodakai 2 - Gamecube PS2, Etc... Dbz bodakai 3 - Gmaecube, PS2 Etc... Dbz Bodakai tenkaichi , PS2 Dbz bodakai tenkaichi 2, PS2 Dbz bodakai tenkaichi 3 - Wii Dbz sagas - Gamecube,Xbox, PS2 Dbz The legacy of Goku - Gameboy advance or sp Dbz the legacy of goku 2 -Gameboy advance or sp Dbz buus fury - Gameboy advance or sp DBGt transformation - Gameboy advance or sp Dbz supersonic warriors - Gameboy advance or sp Dbz supersonic warriors 2 - Nintendo ds Dbz collectible card game - Gameboy advance or sp DBZ Harukanaru Densetsu - Nintendo ds Dbz Burst Limit - PS2, Xbox360, PS3 etc.. Dbz burst Limit 2 coming soon....

What is going to be the new DBZ Game?

dbz farts

Is dbz gone?

Yes, DBZ is gone from TV.

How do you get dbz bt3 characters on dbz bt2?

you can't

When is the next DBZ coming out this year?

the next dbz game maybe aleready came out which is dbz hd collection

Will there be another dbz game that comes out after dbz ultimate tenkaichi?

i can list all like budokai 1 budokai 2 budokai 3 budokai tenkachi 1 budokai tenkachi 2 budokai tenkachi 3 dbz raging blast dbz burst limit dbz raging blast 2 dbz tenkachi tag team dbz shin budokai dbz shin budokai 2 dbz ultimate tenkachi this last one you should get it just came out it is so awsome

When was DBZ Guitars created?

DBZ Guitars was created in 2008.

Was the extra footage of the dbz spoof in YouTube dbz unabriged made of the original actual dbz episodes?

I think so...

Will they have a spin-off of dbz?

They already have, Its Called Dragonball GT no dbgt is not a spinoff of dbz now dbzaf is a spinoff of dbz

What is the difference between dbz and dbz Kai?

The difference between Dbz and Dbz Kai is that The makers of dbz thought it was too long with too many fillers and un needed episodes so they remade DBZ in 100 episodes, wich they called dbz Kai, in the animation design and voice acting along with the script i don't think they have changed it Any but i could be wrong hope i could be of help

What is better DBZ or street fighter?

DBZ because it has better graphics.

Can you create characters in dbz bt 3?

No, but maybe you can in dbz bt4

DBZ-Is DBAF real?

sorry youtube thinks its real

Is there going tobe another dbz movie?

There is now DBZ: Evolution.

Which site does have the best dbz rpg games?

dbz www rpg

Where can you get dbz?

If you are wondering where you can watch DBZ, than you should go on

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