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Early in the movie, we hear about Rustin Parr, a man who lived in the woods and had killed seven children; he was later executed by hanging. Supposedly under the psychological control of the Blair Witch, Parr had taken two children at a time into the basement and made one stand in the corner while he killed the other. According to the mythology of the Blair Witch, anyone who comes in contact with her will inevitably succumb to her control, and we may be able to assume that this is what happened to Josh. At the end of the movie, Mike was knocked down by someone or something, and when Heather finally arrived in the basement, she saw him standing motionless in a corner of the room. Josh was most likely used by the witch to lure Heather and Mike into the house, and then to physically attack them. What happened to him afterward is a tougher mystery to crack, though.

After Josh disappears, Heather comes across a stick bundle in the woods that contains Josh's necklace, a bloody piece of his shirt, and some sort of body part that many have thought looked like a tongue.

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Q: What happened to Josh at the end of The Blair Witch Project?
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it was Josh's teeth and blood

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What was in the sticks was actually Josh's blood, nose, eyeballs, and teeth. That was really gross

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I've seen the Blair Witch Project literally about a dozen times, and I really do not remember blood being drawn from any of the kids. I think you are confusing the Blair Witch Projectwith another movie; either that or you weren't paying close enough attention and got confused about what was happening in the film.The only blood we see in the entire movie is when Heather finds the package outside the tent that contains Josh's tongue and teeth, wrapped in blood-soaked pieces of his flannel shirt.

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They all slept in the same tent. When they woke up on the 3rd or 4th day or something, all of Josh's stuff was thrown and scattered around outside the tent.The next day, Heather and Mike wake up and Josh is gone. That night they hear him screaming from somewhere far away.The next day, Heather wakes up and finds Josh's tongue and teeth wrapped up with torn pieces of his flannel shirt. This may be a reference to the Washington Irving story, "The Devil and Tom Walker." According to the imdb (Internet Movie DataBase) trivia section for the Blair Witch Project, "Tom's wife goes to find the devil in the swamp, and never returns home. When Tom goes to find her, he discovers her apron with her heart and liver inside."

Why was Mike standing in a corner at the end of The Blair Witch Project?

I think he was in the corner because when they were interviewing the townspeople about the blair witch, they said there was 3 children, and the murderer, Parr, who they said was maybe "possesed" by the blair witch, made one of the children stand in the corner and listen to his friend's screaming while he killed them. So, when Heather saw Mike standing in the corner, and she heard and saw Josh being murdered, she dropped the camera and then the footage stopped. he was clonked by something in the basement. he just simply stood there and didnt run to help heather because whatever clonked him scared him senseless or taken him under their control. to really understand what im talking about just visit it has every single information there is about the Blair witch stuff. all the facts, info about the 3 missing students. read everything you find in that site on rustin parr. and you'll understandI think

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*SPOILERS*:Heather and Mike hear Josh's cries for help in the distance (made by the Blair Witch) , but this time they follow them and discover a abandoned house in the woods (Owned by Rustin Parr the man who killed the seven children). Hanging on the front of the house is the same human stick figure that they saw in the woods. Mike goes inside and searches about with Heather. They start to hear Josh's voice from upstairs. Mike races upstairs, following the Blair witches mimic of Josh's voice, while Heather tries to follow. As he goes up the stairs on a wall it shows children hand prints in blood. They hear his voice again. Mike screams out, "Where are you?!". Mike then claims he hears Josh in the basement. He follows the sound and seems to be a struggle. It goes silent and the camera drops to the floor. Heather runs down to the basement screaming for Mike constantly in fear, but gets no answer. She then enters the basement looking for both men, and her camera catches a glimpse of Mike facing the wall. Heather then screams as she and her camera drop to the floor. Her screaming stops along with the footage stopping.

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