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Zach gowen had a short contract he had a part being rivals with vince McMahon and being partners with Hulk Hogan.Nows hes done. You have just a much of a chance as Zach Gowen to getting on tv

He's now doing various Indy bookings in the Mid West.

Not a lot of people liked him enough for him to stay, also his mom did not want him Wrestling any more, and that's why he stopped.

I had dinner with Zack's mom and dad last Thursday (04/28/05) and they said he was taking classes at Eastern Michigan toward a teaching degree in math. His story is really great if you haven't heard it. He lost his leg to cancer when he was nine. He was playing soccer and he twisted it funny and the doctors said he broke it. After it failed to heal for some time, it was determined that he had cancer and that they would have to amputate the leg. He continued to stay active in sports throughout high school and some friends of his sent some videos into the WWE and they contacted him about wrestling. After a year of wrestling, his mom encouraged him to stop wresting and go to school, which apparently he did.

Zach is back! He was on TNA's "Hard Justice" Pay Per View on Sunday May 15th 2005. He was a surprise participant in the 20-man gaunlet for the gold.


Zack gowen is now wrestling in his home town, but he is trying to get a collage dipolma and is more worried about school. He was fired from the WWE, because of his injury with Brock and Vince had to let him go, but Zack will be trying to come back after school.

He's now on TNA.

Zach is doing fine in TNA. He is very popular because of his stint in WWE.

Zach Gowen had a short contract. He had a part being rivals with Vince McMahon and being partners with Hulk Hogan. Nows he's done. You have just as much of a chance as Zach Gowen to getting on tv.

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Q: What happened to Zack Gowen?
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