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1.5 million Armenians were Massacred in the Ottoman Empire by Turkish soliders led by a group called the Young Turks. The Young Turk party was led by three brothers, Talaat Pasha, Jemal Pasha, and Enver Pasha. They want ed to create a Pan-Turkic Empire. The marched the Armenians through dessserts on Death Marches, raped young women, shot them, burned them alive, starved them, and even bayonetted pregnant mothers. Turky denies it's occurence to this day.

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When did Pogrom of Armenians in Baku happen?

Pogrom of Armenians in Baku happened on 1990-02-13.

What happened to the Armenians' religious beliefs after they experienced the genocide?

their beliefs changed dramatically they believed that if there was a god that the genocide wouldn't have happened to them.since it happened they believe their is no god

Do armenians exist?

Yes, Armenians do exist.

Who murdered Armenians in Turkey?

The Turks murdered the Armenians.

Do Armenians speak in Arabic?

No, Armenians speak Armenian.

Where Armenians the first christians?

No, armenians were follower of Arminius.

Why did the Turkish dehuminized the Armenians?

Because they hate the poor Armenians.

To which Ethnic group do the Armenians belong?

Armenians belong to the indo-european people.

Are Armenians considered Arabics?

No. Armenians are Indo- European. They are not Arabs. They do not speak Arabic.

What has the author Mesrovb Jacob Seth written?

Mesrovb Jacob Seth has written: 'History of the Armenians in India' -- subject(s): History, Armenians 'Armenians in India, from the earliest times to the present day' -- subject(s): History, Armenians

Did Turkey commit genocide to the Armenians?

Yes. They attacked Armenians and stole much of their land.

Did the Armenians turn into Christians?

Armenians are the most ancient nation in the world and they were the first to accept christianity!

Are armenians cool?

Armenians will probably be the nicest and coolest people you will ever meet. They have great hospitality!

Are the majority of Armenians Muslim?

No. Most Armenians belong the Armenian Apostolic Church, which is a Christian sect.

When was The treatment of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire created?

The treatment of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire was created in 1916.

Why is there hate for Armenians?

there is a very high jealousy for the Armenians from all around the word that guides into hate.

Do Armenians like concerts?

The Armenians in Armenia LOVE concerts and perform minimum 2 concerts a weak.

Does kendall jenner loves armenians?

Yes, Kendall Jenner does love Armenians since she is related to many.

How many pages does The treatment of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire have?

The treatment of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire has 684 pages.

Do Armenians have Persian ancestry?

Armenians and Persians, together with the other Iranian people, are of the Aryan race. I strongly believe that the amount of Armenians with Persian ancestry is very high because of the past (origins). Note: Armenians who have surnames that are also common among Persians, have Persian ancestry.

Are Armenians European?


Did the Armenians have toilets?

of course they have.

What were religion Armenians?


Are there Muslim Armenians?

Yes there are.

How many Armenians did the Turkish government dispute were killed?

The Ottoman government murdered 1.5 million Armenians in 1915.