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What happened to the Vanderbilt Hotel 34th St East and Park Avenue?

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2008-06-03 11:15:58

From its 1913 completion until it was converted to apartments in

1965, this was the Vanderbilt Hotel, one of the city's most

fashionable in the early 20th Century. Singer Enrico Caruso lived

here in 1920 and 1921, his last U.S. home. The Vanderbilt Hotel was

purchased by the Manger Hotel chain in 1941 and was the

headquarters of the Manger chain from 1941-1966 when it was sold.

The Vanderbilt was renamed the Manger-Vanderbilt and was one of the

premeir hotel properties of the Manger chain which was a leading

privately owned national hotel chain at the time. Underneath this

building is Wolfgang's Steakhouse, run by the Wolfgang Zwiener, who

was the legendary headwaiter at Peter Luger's for 40 years (though

he got his start at Luchow's). The space, recently called

Vanderbilt Station, was famous as the Della Robbia Bar, aka The

Crypt. The vaulted Gaustavino ceiling is the big claim to fame. The

rumor that this used to be Commodore Vanderbilt's secret private

subway station seems not to be true.

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