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What happened to the gypsies in the Nazi concentration camps?



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Same as the Jews, the gypsies were considered far inferior to ideal and useless as people.

The numbers are unclear since the Roma did not keep written records but it is estimated that close to a million Rom were slaughtered in the camps. This represents 80 to 90 Percent of the Rom population in Eastern Europe.

Some reports state that Hitler tried to declare the Roma a non-Aryan people but could not. Mainly because the Roma had been used for slave so long that there were light hair light skin peoples among them. It is said that he was terrified by the people and their rumored abilities. It is a long held belief that the gypsy as you call them are gifted psychics and spiritualists. good answer ^^


There were many different types of gypsy, call them tribes if you will (Roma were one) and they were treated differently from each other. They were mainly held for medical experiments, the gypsies were more Aryan than any other German, they became part of the Holocaust because Himmler wanted to find out what made them special, about 2% of gypsies were 'pure-blooded' and Himmler hoped that they could help him build his 'master-race'. Nomadic gypsies were interned because they were a security threat.

Because they were held for experiments, they were kept apart from the general population in the camps, Auschwitz had a gypsy camp of about 30 000. Towards the end of the war they were liquidated, as were so many of the other types of victim, to 'tidy up loose ends', this however was very problematic as the gypsies od Auschwitz were German and neither they nor the guards could understand why they had to die.