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In Poland, some Jews who returned home were killed by neighbors.

Most went to Displaced Persons' Camps until they could find countries to settle in.

Others tried to immigrate to other countries, especially the U.S.

Many Jews wanted to go to Palestine/Israel though few immigrants were allowed in (until 1948) as the British still had control and didn't want to fuel anger with the Arabs, who didn't want Jews to immigrate.

Noone lived "in" the Holocaust, but some did "during" the holocaust. What happened to them?, Well some died and some lived.

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Q: What happened to the people who survived the Holocaust?
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What happened to people in the Holocaust that survived?

Those that survived the Holocaust were finally liberated from the camps by the allied forces, starting in mid 1944. By that time the Nazis had succeeded in destroying large amount of evidence implicating their role in the holocaust. However, the gruesome memory of the holocaust still remains fresh in people who survived this terrible ordeal.

How many prisoners survived the holocaust?

200,000 people survived

What happened to the people in the ghettos after the Holocaust?

There was no 'after the Holocaust' for people in the ghettos ... All the ghettos were emptied by August 1944 and the remaining Jews were sent to extermination camps where they were gassed. A tiny number survived.

What happened to the major players in the holocaust?

Germany was defeated. Judaism survived.

Why did people want to survive during the Holocaust?

One Holocaust survivor, David Faber, survived because he promised his mother (who was murdered) he would tell the world what happened.

What happened to the people in the ghettos in the holocaust?

Those who survived the appallingly low rations and the disease were later sent to extermination camps.

How many people that survived the Holocaust got a medal?

There was no medal for surviving the Holocaust.

How many people survived the Holocaust?

Not very many people survived. Nobody knows the exact number but about, 1 in 10 survived which is an estimated.___Less then 1% of the people survived the Holocaust.___One of the problems is that there is no agreed definition of Holocaust survivor. However, please see the related question, which gives a figure of about 200,000.Approximately 3,546,211 people survived the holocaust if one is referring to the number of Jews. The actual number of people cannot be accounted for in that case.

How many people did not survived the Holocaust?

CF is horrible.

What happened to the people who survived the atrocities?

The people who survived the atrocities of the Holocaust were left with many physical and emotional issues. It took years for many of these people to recover. They were left with nothing, and had to begin their life over, often in new countries.

Holocaust victim who survived?

there are quite a few people who survived if you want answers look it up.

Who were the 12 children who survived the holocaust?

There were more than 12 children who survived the Holocaust.

How many people survived the world war 2 Holocaust?


Were there 600000 jews that survived the holocaust?

no about 150,000 survived

What hapened in the holocaust?

people used to be realy bad to others like leo he survived the holocaust its very sad to know.

What happened to anne frank's dad?

he survived the Holocaust and had Anne's diary published, he later died in august 1980

What happened if a person survived medical experiments during the holocaust?

They would then be killed, sooner rather than later.

Who disputes what Holocaust deniers say?

People who dispute the Holocaust deniers are the people who believe that happened. People fight back and prove that the Holocaust occurred.

How did Jeannine Burk'survive the Holocaust?

she survived cause god survived her

What happened to the deaf people in the holocaust?

They were killed.

What did the people who survived the holocaust do next?

It is hard to determine what the people who survived the holocaust did next. It is safe to assume that many returned home to rebuild their lives. Many others probably immigrated to new lands to begin life with a fresh start.

About how many people survived the Holocaust?

in theory everyone who escaped or lived through the Holocaust survived it. There were some countries which surrendered less of their Jews to the Nazis than others. Others managed to escape to neutral or hostile nations and some survived in occupied Europe.

What happened at Operation Overlord?

some people died..some people survived..the ones who survived went home....

Did people that were hiding in the Holocaust die?

Some of the people that were hiding in the Holocaust died, while others were sent to concentration camps. Though brutal, some Jews survived.

How many Austrian Jews survived the Holocaust?

Only 30,000 survived.