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the poor could no longer collect their firewood from the forests or graze their cattle on the common

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When was Chaoda Modern Agriculture created?

Chaoda Modern Agriculture was created in 1997.

What are the differences between modern and traditional agriculture?

Modern agriculture includes the use of modern farm implements n traditional agriculture includes the use of traditional method of farming.

Role of animal nutrition in modern agriculture and society?

role of animal nutrition in modern agriculture and societ

What is Spain's agriculture like today?

Spain's agriculture is modern and mechanized.

What are the disadvantages of modern agriculture?

The disadvantage of modern agriculture is that if pesticides are not used correctly they might become toxic to plants, animal and the environment it self.

How has biotechnology improved farming and modern agriculture-?

Many believe biotechnology has improved farming and modern agriculture by creating plants that are resistant to pests or disease.

What are conclusion of modern agriculture in detail?

agriculture is the science and rearing of animals for human being in our life

What is the percentage of people employed in agriculture in Bulgaria?

in modern and contemporary agriculture- not more than 10% of its population

Which is not a role of chemistry in modern agriculture?

improvingg machinery

What are the advantages disadvantages of modern agriculture?

The advantages of modern agriculture is that you have machines to plant and do everything so you don't have to do it all with your hands but the disadvantages are that you can run out of fuel and it harms the envornment.

What are the differences in traditional and modern agricultural practices?

There is a great difference between traditional and modern agriculture.Traditional agriculture includes the ways in which we agriculture in a traditional way while in modern agriculture we agriculture with the new technology and new means provided due to modernization.Also,now there are HYV seeds which help to increase the production where as in older times there were no such facilities.Now,farmers can do agriculture with new machines which are not time consuming,where as in traditional ways they had to do all this with the human labour.

Name of agriculture called with large companies own land and have huge farms?

Modern, high-yield agriculture.

Is modern agriculture good or bad?

Modern agriculture is neither good nor bad. It is very important. Some people do not like that some crops are being genetically modified.

How does the lack of education of farmers affect agriculture?

they do not follow modern techniques and do not use modern technology

What events happened during the Old Stone Age?

The introduction of agriculture happened around 10000 BC. Humans only became completely behaviorally modern during the beginning of the Upper Paleolithic which was at the time 50,000 BC. And other stuff.etc.

How does technology affect modern agricultural?

i think technology has affected modern agriculture by making food faster

Advantage and disadvantage of modern farming?

The disadvantage of modern agriculture is that the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has a negative effect on the environment. The advantage of the modern agriculture is that the use of machine and the use of large irrigation systems help boost the crop production.

Where did the modern plantation system originate?

It was derived from Dutch and Portuguese agriculture.

What has the author Forbes written?

Forbes has written: 'The modern improvements in agriculture'

What are the main features of modern agriculture?

The main features of modern agriculture include use of machinery and equipment, use of artificial fertilizers and large scale production. This is one of the main economic activities in the world.

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it is coming out 10.11.09

Where did agriculture first start?

The fertile crescent, in Mesopotamia, which is modern day turkey.

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