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Sy Sperling, founding President of Hair Club For Men, resigned his office, even though he still remains one of its clientele.

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Q: What happened to the president of the Hair Club for Men?
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Cy Sperling was not just the president but also a member of what club?

Hair Club for Men

What hair replacement company had the commercial 'I'm not only the president, I'm also a client'?

That would be the Hair Club for men�what a cheesy commercial for the hair replacement company. I remember that from back in the day. It was definitely the Hair Club for Men hair replacement company. Hilarous.

Who is now acting president for Hair Club?

Hair Club was formerly known as the Hair Club for Men. founded by Sy Sperling. The company is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Regis Corporation (Regis, SuperCut and SmartSytle Salons, among others), which trades on the New York stock Exchange under the symbol RGS. Paul D. Finkelstein is the chairman and chief executive officer of Regis Corporation, while Steven Hudson is the current President and CEO of Hair Club.

Where is the Hair Club for Men located?

Hair Club for men was originally founded by Regis companies in Minneapolis Minnesota and now has over 100 locations in the U.S. and Worldwide. Regis companies has its headquarters in Minnesota.

Who is the young actress in the hair club for men commercials?

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Is Sy Sperling from hair club for men still alive?

He is still alive and hanging out in Florida.....

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