What happened when Clovis converted to Christianity?

Clovis converted to Catholicism in 496, largely at the request of his wife, Clotilde. The adoption of Catholicism by Clovis led to a widespread conversion to Catholicism among the Frankish peoples, installing Catholicism all across modern-day France and Germany. When Clovis converted to Catholicism he became an ally of the Pope

"But the change of religion had little or no effect on the character of Clovis and his descendants, whose history is tarnished with atrocious crimes. The Merovingians, half tigers, half lambs, passed with astonishing rapidity from horrible massacres to passionate demonstrations of contrition, and from the confessional back again to the excesses of their native cruelty." - Philip Schaffe , The History of the Christian Church.

Looking at his fruit of his life Clovis could hardly be called a Christian.
Clovis forced all his pagan subjects to convert to Christianity.