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Q: What happened when hydrogen reacts with nitrogen at necessary conditions?
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Are hydrogen and nitrogen both gases?

Under ordinary conditions found on Earth, both hydrogen and nitrogen are diatomic gases.

How many hydrogen atoms are necessary to join with nitrogen atoms to form a stable compound?

Three. Think of NH3 , ammonia. Nitrogen has a valence of three, Hydrogen's is one.

What are the 4 types of elements necessary for life on earth?

hydrogen, oxyegen, nitrogen, carbohydrates

Under what conditions would hydrogen bonding be present?

When hydrogen is attached to N, F, or O (nitrogen, fluorine, or oxygen).

Nitrogen has an atomic number of 7. how many hydrogen atoms are necessary to join the nitrogen to form a stable compound?


Does hydrogen have to do anything in the human body?

Hydrogen is necessary to the human body, along with oxygen, phosphorus, sulfur, and nitrogen, among others.

What volume of hydrogen is necessary to react with five liters of nitrogen to produce ammonia?

10l nh3

What is an element necessary to make proteins fat and carbohydrates?

CHON (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen).

What is Nitrogen and hydrogen compound?

Hydrogen and nitrogen are both elements. That means that neither of them are made up of other elements. A hydrogen molecule is just two atoms of hydrogen. Nitrogen is just atoms of nitrogen.

What conditions are necessary to create life?

Well, given the fact that it has never been observed to have happened, no one knows. Scientists attempt to make conjectures about what may have been necessary, but the fact of the matter is, modern science has yet to recreate this by way of intelligence. If our modern intelligence cannot create life, what makes you think that utter chaos could have? However, scientists have found there are four elements necessary to create life. They are carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen.

Do hydrogen nitrogen and oxygen normally occur as single atoms?

With the conditions of temperature and pressure found on the Earth hydrogen and oxygen in their free state are gas molecules consisting of two atoms. But nitrogen gas can also be found in this form.

What 2 elements are necessary for a compound to be considered organic?

Four, actually; the "CHON" elements of Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen.