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Here is a simplified checklist of what occurs during the different stages of puberty for boys:

Stage I

- Prepubertal appearance

- Testicular volume less than 1.5 ml

- Penis 3 cm or smaller

Stage II

- Small amount of light downy hair at the base of the penis and scrotum

- Scrotum skin thins

- Testicles continue to enlarge (up to 6 ml)

- Scrotal enlargement begins

- Penis size remains unchanged

Stage III

- Pubic hair begins to darken and become more coarse

- Pubic hair begins to extend from just above penis to more of a triangle shape

- Testicular size around 6-12 ml

- Scrotum continues to enlarge

- Penis begins to enlarge, first in width, then in length (up to about 6 cm)

- Due to increased hormone secretion, 70% develop breasts temporarily

Stage IV

- Pubic hair has quality of adult, but has not extended to the legs

- Testicular volume about 12-20 ml

- Scrotum continues to enlargen

- Scrotum begins to darken in color

- Penis continues to enlarge, first in length (up to about 10 cm), then in width

- Due to increased hormone secretion, 70% develop breasts temporarily

Stage V

- Pubic hair extends to medial thigh

- Testicular volume 18-20 ml or larger

- Adult sized and colored scrotum

- Penis length around 15 cm

- Gynecomastia, if present, regresses

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Q: What happenes to you body when you go through pubity boy?
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