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Nothing. The battery is sealed an no harm will be done.


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The car will then be unable to start.

it will arch out and melt the knobs on your battery and your cables

they have to be recycled and they wont work.

You will shorten the life of the battery. Only add Distilled water to a battery.

If you explode you die and the same applies to a car battery.

you can hook a car radio directly to a car battery or even a car battery charger with out problems, I have done it myself, the only thing to remember is that it needs to have 12 volts and the polarity (+ -) needs to be correct.

It will leak the electrolyte and is more likely to explode

If you use too small of a battery in the car, there might not be enough amps to start the car. You could also damage electrical components in the vehicle.

once a battery is connected even if the key is not in the ignition, there is always power at certain points in your car. Connecting a battery backwards will not start your car, but it can and will fry the wires to your starter.

My question is why would anyone do this? But since you asked. It will ruin the battery.

You can't recharge it hooked up in reverse. You will destroy the battery or the charger if you try it.

It will eventually run out of the stored electrical energy and will not power anything. You car will not start.

You'll need an external power source (such as a battery charger or another car hooked to battery cables) in order to start your vehicle. A battery which is truly depleted - not just discharged - will not take a charge from the alternator, and will need to be replaced.

it`s best that he wouldn't do this but if he does the battery will melt or explode or the wrench will melt the car can even burst in to flames.

You will not get electricuted by a car battery. It has only 12 volts and that will not cause you any harm. The sparks that come from connecting the battery or connnecting jumper cables are just electrical current being transferred.

The acid will leak out making the battery less effective and causing everything around it to get eaten up.

A dead short occurs which can result in the battery exploding A completion in the external circuit of the battery

there are lots more amps in a car battery eg there about 1.5 in a flash light and in a car battery there about 300 A car battery is a wet cell battery and a flashlight battery is a dry cell battery.

No, a car battery does not have mercury in it. It would be very dangerous to have mercury in a car battery.

The battery will run down and he engine will stop. You will not be able to start the engine. The alternator keeps the battery fully charged.

Will the alternator kill your battery

No merc is not in a car battery

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