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The company that is doing the electronic debit will request payment. You may receive a bad mark on your credit report. You could lose service or goods. And the bank might fine you for an 'overdraft.'

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How can you avoid a bank account levy?

If you have been notified that your bank account is going to be levied, the only way to avoid that is to either close the account or take your name off the account. You can also keep the account open and just never put any money into that account.

What happens if dont pay World of Warcraft account?

Blizzard will 'freeze' your account, freeze meaning close the account until you pay for it.

What do you do when you close the accounts?

When you close an account you cancel the account, you delete it, if you close an account it won't be there later!!

How do you close a 403B account?

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How do you close your dailymotion account?

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Can a joint bank account in Indiana be garnished or frozen from a judgment on a party who does not deposit funds?

Yes, if the debtor is a named party on the account the funds held in the account can be attached. The only way to avoid this is to close the account completely and reopen an account without the debtor on it. I have heard that it is even best to seek a completely different bank, to avoid errors from occurring.

What happens if you do not close your bank account balance is fall than minimum?

nothing will happen you can put some more money in the bank account to resume it

How can you close an email account?

To close an e-mail account you usually go to [options] then you look to see if it has close account. If it is not there you can just simply check the top of your email account or at the bottom to see [close account].

How do you close your rediffmail account?

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How can you close your account on the Facebook forever?

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How can you close your plus500 account?

There are a couple ways to close a plus500 account. Customers can call their bank or go their local branch to close their account.

How can you close your American General Finance account -?

Contact your local branch of AGFS. If the account was an installment loan, the account will "close out" at time of payoff. If the account is a revol line of credit, and has a zero balance, a written authorization can close the account or after 6mos of no activity the account will automatically close.

What happens if I write a check from a joint account and find out my husband closed the account?

If the mode of operation of the account is jointly by you and your husband in this case he can not closed the account. If the mode of operation is either or survivor, in this case your husband can close this account and you can not claim anything from bank.

How do you close a SBI savings account?

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Can the bank close your account and not give you the cash at your request?

no pleas close my account

How to close naukri account?

You can either close a Naukri account temporarily or permanently. To close the account permanently, you must contact Naukri's support. To close it temporarily, you can go to "Settings" in your account, select "Visibility," and choose "Inactive."

How do you delete or close your Hubpages account?

If you would like to close your HubPages account, please sign in to the account that you would like to close, unpublish all of your Hubs, and send us an email request with the subject "close my account" and the username of the account you would like to close in the body of your message (for verification)

What happens if the bank has restrained your account for a long overdraft period of time?

Most banks will allow an account to remain negative for 30 days and then they will close the account ..many will charge fees during this period

How do you Close Microsoft email account?

To close your Microsoft email account you have to log into your emails, go into account at the bottom right of the page. Then click on close account (under additional options) type in your password and it will bring up a message saying it cannot close the account.Click on the link at the bottom of the message that says 'Close your Microsoft account' and then on the close account button.Your accoutn will be fully closed in 270 days.

Can a bank close your account?

It the account is left inactive for a long time with no money in it they may opt to close the account.

Can one person of a joint account close the account?

No. Actually, it depends on how the account is titled. If it is a Joint OR account, than yes, one person or the other can close it without the other. If it is a Joint AND account than both need to be present to close the account.

Do they close your current bank account when filing for bankruptcy?

No they do not close your Checking or Savings account

How can you close an account?

click HELP & SUPPORT beside the LOG OUT.... then find the "how can i close my account?"

How do you close a PayPal account?

To close your PayPal account click first on "My Account", then "Profile". On the left under "Account Information" the last link is "Close Account". After clicking on it you'll be asked to verify your account. Any balance left in your account will be mailed as a check to your address on file.

What happens during a monthly close and an annual close?

What happens during a monthly close and an annual close?